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Lewis Hamilton said last year that he recognized the value of promoting equality by diplomatic means, rather than embarrassing people.

Seven-time World Champion Hamilton has been open on the issue of equality and knelt ahead of all F1 races last season.

Prior to the season, Hamilton called F1 “white dominance” and criticized the championship for the silence over George Floyd’s death. He soon began working with F1 to solve the issue of championship equality, and the Hamilton Commission to help motorsport attract more young people with a black background and promote diversity. Launched and funded.

At the 2021 opening round at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Hamilton wore a shirt that said, “Action is more eloquent than words.”

“Earlier this year, I was very straightforward and called for sports,” Hamilton said in an interview with Wired. “At the time, that was right for me, but instead of embarrassing people, I discovered that there are times when I have to be very diplomatic, with more that can be done through background discussions.”

He added: “I’m having a conversation and trying to make the sports people more accountable.

“I’m constantly emailing. I’m always making zoom calls in F1 and I’m challenging them so they don’t want to be challenged.”

Hamilton is looking for a record eighth F1 title this season, but states that the main motivation for staying in the championship is a platform to continue to promote equality.

“I want to be one of those transformants. It’s a catalyst for change.

“I sincerely hope that looking back 10 years from now, making the most of my time and making the right choices has had a really positive impact.”

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Hamilton noticed “embarrassing” people, not the answer in promoting equality Hamilton noticed “embarrassing” people, not the answer in promoting equality

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