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Hamilton’s previous Mercedes contract expired after the 2020 season, arousing much media interest in his F1 future throughout the year.

After winning the seventh World Championship, Hamilton headed for the off-season without signing a new agreement. This further fueled the fire, despite signs that all parties had promised to agree on a new agreement.

Until early February, just five weeks before the winter solstice test in Bahrain began, Hamilton and Mercedes finally took a pen on paper under a new one-year contract.

But Hamilton’s short-term deal means he could face a repeat in 2020, and his future will soon be talked about on every race weekend.

Hamilton was asked if the contract chatter would be distracting and said he didn’t think it would put pressure on him.

“You’ll see it over time. That’s not my first rodeo,” Hamilton said.

“I think I’m in this position, which has been asked for at least some time. In that sense, I’m not feeling too much pressure.

“Of course, I still have a big belief and I’m always betting on myself. I know what it takes to make that happen.”

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Hamilton’s “extraordinary” relationship with Mercedes has just signed a one-year contract, but it goes further off track by establishing a joint charity fund to support diversity and participation in motorsport. It has been strengthened.

“I think I have a very close relationship with Mercedes. I think I’ll be doing it together, not just in the race,” he added.

“As we have seen, this foundation has a lot of great things we need to do to move forward.

“It will be a constant debate throughout the year I’m convinced, and if this is the way I want to continue in terms of whether this is the place I want to continue? When it comes to me I’m sure.

“I’m fully invested in this season and delivery. I still love my job. I’m generally in a lucky position and don’t have to promise for years. So I I decided to choose one-the year trading so that I can see what the year will be. “

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Hamilton on F1 Contract Talk Distractions: “Not My First Rodeo” Hamilton on F1 Contract Talk Distractions: “Not My First Rodeo”

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