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Spa fans remained disappointed before the results were called and the classification was issued, after heavy rains limited the race to just two laps behind the safety car.

It was the shortest race in F1 history, breaking the past record of only 14 laps at the 1991 Australian Grand Prix.

By meeting the minimum requirements of the classification, he was able to score half points, and Hamilton saw his lead drop to just three points at the top of the drivers’ championship against Max Verstappen.

Seven-time F1 World Champion Hamilton spoke frankly after the race, calling it a “chaban” and deciding to run two laps behind the safety car. For purely commercial reasons..

He called on F1 bosses to give refunds to fans who participated in the race on Sunday, believing they were “deprived of the race.”

Rescheduling races at the spa seems out of the question this year, but Hamilton said free races for fans would be what he would support.

“I will definitely come back,” Hamilton said.

“I love it here, so it would be great if there was a way to find a window that wasn’t raining and offer free racing to the fans.”

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Hamilton’s idea was endorsed by Williams driver George Russell, who won his first F1 podium at the spa after finishing second in qualifying.

“If we had to race in turn [this year], I have no objection to coming back here, “Russell said.

“clearly [it is] One of the best races and circuits in the world, it’s clear that many local and Belgian F1 enthusiasts didn’t have the chance to know what they came here for.

“So it may be another way to repay them today’s losses.”

Unlike series such as IndyCar and NASCAR, F1 was unable to shift the Grand Prix by one day until Monday due to the size of the event and the large number of people involved.

FIA President Jean Todt announced on Wednesday that F1 leaders will meet with the team early next month. Discuss possible rule changes to prevent repeated Sunday events..

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Hamilton wants F1 to hold a “free” Belgian Grand Prix for fans Hamilton wants F1 to hold a “free” Belgian Grand Prix for fans

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