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After a chaotic wet opening lap and restart, Ocon took the lead and leader Hamilton was the only driver who didn’t jump into the slick tire pits.

Hamilton made it to the next lap in green conditions, with Ocon taking an unexpected lead and dropping in the standings.

Ocon successfully defended his first Grand Prix lead against Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel, but when Hamilton moved up, Alpine’s real threat came from behind.

However, the comeback of the Mercedes driver was hampered by Ocon’s teammate Alonso. Alonso displayed a defensive master class to prevent Hamilton from finishing fourth on lap 11.

In this way, Alonso eliminated the possibility that the world champion would eventually catch Ocon. He settled in 3rd place on the road and later came in 2nd place. Vettel was disqualified Due to fuel infringement.

Ocon immediately praised Alonso’s role in securing his first F1 victory, and Alpine also gave the 40-year-old Spaniard about his share of his first victory in the Enstone team’s new outfit. I praised it.

“”[Alonso was] I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, “said Alpine Sports Director Alan Perman.

“Honestly, he’s happy with us and he’s happy with Esteban, but I know he’s frustrated because he wants to win.”

Permane’s work to maintain Alonso’s Hamilton is important, as the Spaniards defended well, especially on fast runs up to Turns 4 and 5, until the lockup on Turn 1 was able to pass Hamilton. I admitted.

Fernando Alonso, Alpine A521, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W12

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“100%. It’s definitely important,” Permane said. “I think it was 11 laps.

“If he passed him on the first lap, just as he passed Carlos [Sainz, ahead of Alonso in third] I’m sure Lewis was there for the first time in the past.

“I think what we did was go back a bit and give Seb a DRS and use it to protect it a bit, but I don’t know if he stopped him.”

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Alonso said he was aware of the race situation by looking at the big screen around the track and didn’t have to tell Alpine how important it was to delay Hamilton’s rank-up.

“No, the team didn’t tell me anything, but I knew more or less about the race situation,” he explained.

“I was looking at the biggest screen. I knew Esteban and Vettel were fighting. They were like the two corners in front of us.

“Twenty laps to the end, Lewis was a couple of seconds faster, which was probably enough to win the race, so I could keep him on every lap, and that was the money for Esteban’s victory.”

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Hamilton’s Alonso Hungarian F1 Defense “Incredible” Hamilton’s Alonso Hungarian F1 Defense “Incredible”

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