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Todd was Ferrari’s when Michael Schumacher won five of the seven world titles in the team between 2000 and 2004 and Scuderia won the Constructors’ Championship six times in a row from 1999 to 2004. It was a team boss.

Schumacher and Ferrari were the dominant forces for most of these seasons, establishing the most dominant rule by manufacturers until the hybrid era.

In 2020, Mercedes broke Ferrari’s record by clearing seven double-world titles between 2014 and 2020.

Hamilton is now in line with Schumacher’s seven world titles, surpassing Germany’s victory and Paul’s record, and inevitably eliciting a comparison between the two.

Todd said it was difficult to compare Hamilton and Schumacher, but believe that Hamilton and Mercedes can be considered more dominant than Ferrari during his reign.

“I think we’re talking about different people, different ingredients,” Todd said.

“Only 7 to 7 can actually be compared. Otherwise, there is a very structured and organized German team, with very talented and very talented drivers.

“And on the other side, there is one Italian team with different ideas, different approaches, which are well organized, well organized and also [with] Great driver Michael Schumacher. “

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“I feel that the advantages and advantages of Mercedes and Lewis are greater than those of Ferrari and Michael at the time. I am confident that they will be quoted for that.

“And their credit is that this car is very reliable. Except for the second Bahrain race that Lewis missed, he didn’t miss a point in the race in two years.

“It’s absolutely amazing, and the driver hasn’t made a mistake. It’s also just a combination.”

Todd said he was impressed not only with Hamilton’s performance, but also with his way of holding and showing that he was a team player.

“I was very impressed, but I didn’t wait until 2020 to be impressed,” the French added.

“I was impressed at least six times because he said he was celebrating seven times to become a world champion.

“I was also impressed with the continuity of what his team was able to secure. We are in a world of men and machines, not just sportsmen and sportswomen. Here it is the best it stands out. An example of: Team spirit, teamwork.

“And every time Lewis talks about success, I have to leave a lot of work for Lewis as well. He talks about the team behind him for success.

“I’m very impressed and clearly explain why the record was broken and why it was the same.”

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Hamilton’s F1 advantage is greater than that of Schumacher Hamilton’s F1 advantage is greater than that of Schumacher

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