Handball 21 PS4 Review-Not FIFA for Handball

I have never actually played a handball game in my life. Where I grew up, the Welsh countryside, soccer and rugby were the main sports, and there was also sheep shaving. And yes, we just sheared them. Handball is a relatively new sport that has taken hold in Europe over the last few years, but it’s not so mainstream and you’ll have a hard time finding a match on terrestrial television. Therefore, in most cases handball is an unknown sport.

Handball 21 aims to recreate the thrill of throwing mini-soccer around a basketball-sized pitch. I’ve never actually played handball, so I don’t know how it translates. For the purposes of this review, I saw a thrilling match between France and Denmark, but I’m not yet a sports expert.

What I can say is that Handball 21 is very awkward to play and if you are a beginner it is probably not the best introduction to sports. The controls are pretty good and you can easily perform simple passes and shots. The real problem is the flow of play, the lack of it.

Each game starts with a slow-off and then a race. You pass the ball between players while your opponent holds the line of defense outside the goalkeeper’s area. You have to understand how to squeeze a shot in a mass of body to score a goal. Simple enough, this part of the game wasn’t really a problem without a bit of stimulation.

However, when you take a shot and the ball falls into the opponent’s hand, the table flips and defends. The pain of the ball started from here. There are several different controls to defend, and each button triggers an action, block, show, or rush. That’s easy. However, you also have full control over the line of defense indicated by the left stick icon in the game. If you drag this to the entire area, the man will move with you. If you want to manipulate only one man to perform an action, you need to move the cursor to fit his body. Then you can order him to do something. It was weird and not perfect for me, but I don’t know how it improved in the way the handball was actually played. So it’s a shame that fair play to developers to come up with something, it’s not that great.

The great thing is the goalkeeper. Not because it’s working really well, but because the goalkeeper may have been sitting in the crowd with everyone else. It’s not uncommon to score dozens of goals in a real handball game. It’s the same with Handball 21, but I’m sure it’s because every goalkeeper had a line and talk before each game.

When the opponent aims at the goal, there is a chance to save by flicking the right stick in the direction displayed on the screen, and pressing the button can save lightly or heavily. Nine out of ten, the goalkeeper threw his arms and legs out and made splattered jumps while the ball was floating on the net. He was useless. Or I didn’t help control him. In any case, I got some good laughs from the coke keeper, but it didn’t help me win any match.

A true bomb is coming: I have never actually won a match. The only way I could win was to simulate a match. Am I completely shit with Handball 21? Or does Handball 21 completely hate being a handball game? I’m not sure, but I’m going to halve and accept some of the responsibilities.

If you are interested in handball as a sport, it is advisable to look for a local group to play with when you are actually allowed to join the group. Handball 21 doesn’t leave a big impression, at least for newcomers.

A veteran handball fan who has suffered from previous games, you got a new game this year with lots of real players and teams, and this isn’t made for you or anyone else .. Enjoy it, you are a bloody weirdo.

Handball 21 PS4 Review

  • Overall-bad- 4/10



Unfortunately, Handball 21 is not the game that handball players have been waiting for. The developers have done everything they can in sports where mainstream appeal is really limited. Probably not as suitable for video games as soccer, basketball and other sports.


  • It looks okay and the character is well modeled
  • Lots of official teams, leagues and players should keep hardcore fans happy
  • Goalkeepers are useless, but at least cheerful


  • The gameplay flow is dauntingly boring
  • Gnawing a combination of buttons around the controller with something other than a basic path or basic shot
  • Lack of pick-up and play accessibility

Review Disclaimer: This review was performed using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. Read the review policy for more information.

I reviewed it using PS4 Pro.

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Review: Handball 21 – PS4

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