Handcop already looks cheerful and scary

Hand cup An ongoing “fist man shooter” that is as neat as scary. This wacky prodecular anime cop’s hand has three legs and chest hair for good. I can’t tell if the three “feet” are better or worse than the three-finger “arms”. Oh, and of course, officer Michael McList is running around with a huge gun. Handcop seems to be relatively early for now, but its wacky animations are already getting the attention of the internet.

Developer Jeff Ramos talks about Handcop At IGN After his handy detective got so much attention this week twitter And Reddit. A really good gif has a way to spread.

“Unlike most comedy games, the shooting here is real,” Ramos’s old IGN said. “It’s very satisfying and the headshots are great.” Not only that, he’s really taking off his gloves for this gag. Ramos plans to allow McList to pierce his enemies with guns, use melee combat, and wear rings to improve his stats.


Ramos, an animator at Bossa Studios, has been working on hand cups in his spare time for some time.It started as an animated test gag about a finger-soccer hand and then turned into a game jam project, a neon insubstantial hand shooter. Painful hands! It was so well received that Ramos decided to continue working on it, leading to Handcop’s current iteration.

But as a common refrain for indie developers, Ramos ran into problems noticing his stupid shooter.Earlier this month he Post to Twitter #screenshotsaturday Laments that the time spent trying to advertise with hashtags is barely rewarding. “I was so stressed that I missed a good time with my wife and baby. I decided not to do it again,” he told IGN.

Nonetheless, Officer McWrist may have a little monkey paw in him, as Handcop is certainly in the spotlight now. The internet is a whimsical crowd and decided to quickly soar Ramos animations to the Reddit front page. “I couldn’t sleep this weekend because the phone didn’t stop. [I had so] Many messages from people who want to make a game with this, this is a game, or how strange this character is, “he said. Reach out to the development team to realize his dream of actually directing the game.

Handcop doesn’t seem to be released yet, but if this sudden spark renews Ramos’ confidence in the #screeshotsaturday exercise, I think more gifs could be displayed in the future. ..Keep an eye on His twitter profile For more information. In the meantime, it’s definitely worth keeping your finger on the pulse.

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