Hands-on: Watch Dogs Legion Gimmicks Can’t Hide Tired Gameplay

After all generations of Ubisoft’s open world titles, Watch Dogs Legion is bland in appearance and feel. That descriptor is a word that came back 10 hours later on the PlayStation 4 experience released on October 29, 2020, and we couldn’t really shake it off. There are some high points that make you forget about the dull gameplay loop that the French publisher has successfully recycled for the second time. But when the selected protagonist is forced to hack the mainframe by quickly pressing a series of buttons that feel like they’ve lost all their meaning, everything comes back. We went there, we did it. Watch Dogs 2 has taken the long-awaited step in the right direction, but follow-up seems to have relied a little too much on its glory.

Don’t get this as it may be a confusing opinion to read after a marketing campaign that is entirely centered on what is being marketed as a game-changing mechanic. Too Before you. The reason we don’t publish the full review because the embargo has been lifted is that the PS4 review code arrived so late that we only reached double digits in playtime and haven’t rolled back our credits yet. However, you don’t have to do this because you feel the Watch Dogs Legion “Play Anyone” gimmick is exaggerated. Sure, it adds an extra layer to the gameplay that wasn’t there before, but the title will soon be almost completely forgotten.

Watch Dogs Legion Gimmick Can't Hide Tired Gameplay Hands-on 2

That’s because the ability and skill to make each character unique isn’t very important in a grand plan of things. The ability to freely spawn a delivery drone and jump on board is great, and your hacking skills are improving. But is that enough reason to constantly switch characters? Maybe you’re happy to sit on a loading screen, but if you can get all the tools you need to complete a mission in the field as fast as you can, features start to be questioned. The perk of separating one citizen from another provides little intriguing reason to actually switch between the protagonist and the playstyle. And since the whole game concept relies heavily on this mechanic, you can’t help but worry about missions that haven’t been completed yet.

Costumes are a benefit of feature savings — one compelling justification for Change the hero. From time to time, you can recruit characters with unique outfits that allow them to operate much easier in a particular area. Albion guards can remain largely undetected in hostile areas, and construction workers do not appear out of place at the construction site. For now, that’s the only reason we’ll never guess who’s taking on the next task.

One of the greatest fears associated with mechanics is the suffering of stories and dialogue, and the causes of those concerns are fully recognized. The Watch Dogs Legion story is a pointless trash, and both want to say a lot while pulling all the punches at the same time.Combine with a persistent script that will make you laugh so Instead, everything in the plot is absolutely horrifying. We don’t expect it to change as we move towards the conclusions of the game.

Watch Dogs Legion Gimmick Can't Hide Tired Gameplay Hands-on 3

What does it leave us with? Now, in addition to the novelty of seeing London’s landmarks dressed in neon, there’s a gameplay loop with the same hacking theme in the third iteration. And it’s seriously long in the teeth. DedSec continues to hack security cameras, gain new perspectives on things, and activate roadside barricades when police are cornering, in addition to some new ways to interact with the world. I am. Everything is pretty dull at this point, as there are few ways to innovate and you can shout something new to the people here from the beginning. Gameplay could at least guarantee an entertaining experience, as it doesn’t provide the Watch Dogs Legion definition feature. If this is your first foray into the series, it may still do it. But franchise fanatics will be disappointed.

It’s also clear that the game was designed with the PlayStation 5 in mind. PS4 players are affected by long load times before entering the futuristic world of London. An additional loading screen is required for high-speed movement and switching between operatives. A few seconds long fade to blacks is another very common event, with strange lighting glitches spreading throughout the British capital, and the game crashed three times at the time of this writing. doing. While you get a free PS5 upgrade when you buy it, there are many demands for Watch Dogs Legion performance on current generation consoles.

Watch Dogs Legion Gimmick Can't Hide Tired Gameplay Hands-on 4

We’re not ready to make a final verdict right now, but I don’t think our thinking will change as credits roll. Ubisoft talked about the big guys for launch, and the “play anyone” gimmick simply didn’t respond to chatter. Maybe we took the wrong approach, or we were playing the game the wrong way. We doubt that, but given the procedural nature of the title’s most important features, we could have been put into poor hands. This game can be quite fun. Don’t expect any more, especially if you already have the hottest of the series’ basic gameplay loops. And that’s why Watch Dogs Legion feels like a misfire. Our full review will follow soon.

Did you look forward to playing Watch Dogs Legion? Are you checking out on PS4 or are you looking for an improved version of PS5? Hack your way in the comments below.

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