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Hapag-Lloyd “relaunches” five container ships

One of the nasty habits of the containership industry is the fact that shipowners can register their vessels in any country of their choice, regardless of the nationality of the company, captain, or crew. Given that option, many owners choose “Flag of Convenience” and choose the country with the loosest regulations on safety standards, corporate taxes, seafarers’ wages, etc., rather than the country in which they do business.

Hapag-Lloyd, a containership operator, is now launching a project to counter that trend and convert some of its vessels into US registries. In April, a German company, a long-time transportation provider to US government agencies, sent a container ship of a Monrobian flag. Albaia Go to Port Canaveral, Florida and start the conversion process. container, this Will be renamed Delaware ExpressIs the first of five Hapag-Lloyd 6,900 TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) container ships to undergo a US relaunch process at Florida Port over the next few months.

Once the U.S. relaunch process is complete, each vessel will be part of the Federal Maritime Security Program (MSP) and will be available to the U.S. Government as needed while continuing to operate commercially in international trade. .. The ship will eventually be staffed with a US captain and crew. This is a requirement of the MSP program.

Four additional Hapag-Lloyd vessels scheduled to relaunch the United States in Port Canaveral by mid-August Alcardi (Rename Colorado Express), Al loader (this is Hudson Express), Al Hilal (Renamed Missouri Express), And that Meisan (this is Potomac Express).

Hapag-Lloyd “relaunches” five container ships Hapag-Lloyd “relaunches” five container ships

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