Happy 20th birthday, Jet Set Radio!

Happy 20th birthday, iJet Set Radio / i! Illustration of the article titled.

screenshot: Sega

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Yesterday celebrated its 20th anniversary Jet set radio Released on the American Sega Dreamcast. This may be of interest to you, incredibly old, or in some cases both.

Launched in Japan in June 2000, Dreamcast’s Skating / Graffiti Classic wasn’t launched in the United States until October 31st. There was nothing like this, and in fact, 20 years later, there was nothing like it. ..

Fusing game skating tricks like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater With some platforms, an incredible soundtrack, and a truly genuine obsession with graffiti. Jet set radio Vibrant, bold and fundamentally flawed, it’s the perfect representation of Sega’s amazing / disastrous final console.

To celebrate this opportunity, Sega has released this short video full of facts and trivia about the game.

I’ve written about games here many times Total recall, Like when you received a good Game Boy port:

And that graffiti:

We also reviewed it when it was re-released in 2012.

Unfortunately, that re-release was the last time we could see the game, so if you want to play on the latest hardware (except PC), you can’t because it’s available on Steam.

Sadder is the fact that Sega has never wanted to create something completely new, despite the constant love of games, especially its art design and soundtrack. Jet set radio..

In the meantime You can keep an eye on Bom Rush Cyber ​​Funk, This is very closely following Jet set Footprints of former composer Hideki Naganuma working on the game.

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