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The ghost and hunting season is upon us, and October is in full swing. This is the perfect time to dive into the jungle and scare the fire team or spin the table to hunt hunters. We are pleased to introduce the latest Predator to the Exiled Predator lineup, which is a paid DLC for October. And for Predators who want to mask for Halloween, three new masks are coming in a free update. It’s just in time for ghost and hunting nights.

This month’s paid DLC introduces exiled predators into space. It is unknown when and how this Predator was expelled, but it was revealed that it was undetected and adapted to hunt far away from Yaucha’s territory. This yaucha was able to hunt legendary warriors in the chains of the Pacific Islands, avoiding common hunting grounds. Exiled predators carefully interpreted and crafted armor from local raw materials in deep respect for these warriors. In addition, players will have access to hook weapons. Hook Weapon is an Early Access Weapon skin that can be unlocked by all players by December 2021.

With the October free update, you won’t be disappointed with how you scare or scare yourself. With this update, Night Maps are now available in the game. Get ready for all jump scares! Nightmap presents a new way to play games that have already created a lot of exciting and extremely intense hunting experiences during internal playtesting. Fire teams need to navigate the dark jungle and bright camps to complete the mission. For better visibility on the night map, the fire team can switch night vision as needed. Predators can now use the Dark Cover to stalk their prey, so be careful not to let the Fireteam knock off the biomask. As mentioned earlier, Predator not only has darkness for hunting, but also has three new masks in this update. The latest masks to join Predator’s “closet” are Salamander, Morse and Foxtrot masks. In addition, this update will provide all players with the Cleopatra Smart Disc Weapon Skin unlocked at level 27.

Everyone at IllFonic is excited to hide in the jungle nights and see how the hunting style of the community changes. Keep rolling those videos and screenshots on all social platforms, we love watching them! In the meantime, see you in the jungle!

Happy haunting and hunting in Predator: Hunting Grounds

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