Happy PS5 Day! | Pure PlayStation

Finally here! Well, for some people it is. But in any case, the PS5 will be on sale to the public on the first official day, so even if you don’t actually have a PS5 console on your team yet, we’re celebrating it anyway. Bad pre-orders and the fact that half of us live in Europe means we can’t post the original PS5 coverage until November 19th at the earliest, but still provide you with information. I will do my best for you.

If today is PS5 day, please enjoy it. You probably waited a long time for it to arrive. You may have saved for a while, so this year you can play with new toys and prepare some new games.

2020 wasn’t a great year, so if you have a PS5, enjoy the moment. Forget the outside world for an hour or two and be impressed by the goodness of the next generation.

We look forward to working with you on and after November 19th. But keep in mind. There’s still a capable PS4, and most games are available on the latest generation consoles as well as new consoles, so you won’t miss a great game. It’s just a good way to play. Hanging there, you’ll be fine.

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