Hardspace: Shipbreaker-Business is a fast-growing update

Blackbird Interactive And Focus Home InteractiveAcclaimed space sandbox salvage game, Hard space: Ship breaker, The Business is Booming update will start. Continuing the game’s successful Early Access period, this latest update brings brand new ship classes and tools for fresh rescue opportunities! Join the developers of today’s update trailer and get the game today with 30% off on Steam.

New tools and ship classes expand the fun of space

The Business is Booming update is the most game-changing game to date, mixing new ship types with new tools for the first time. The Javelin vessel class is the biggest addition and offers a whole new challenge with a look and feel that is significantly different from previous hard space vessels. Most of its functionality is exposed to the outside along the ship’s spine, so the rescue approach needs to be completely rethought. Meanwhile, the new demo charge tool adds even more options to the player’s weapons. Explosives can be freely placed or thrown before they explode remotely. This is done in addition to the QOL updates and fixes, as well as a revamped tool durability system.

Get a space salvage experience with 30% off and discover the OST!

Today’s update extends the gameplay that can be played over hours. In addition to new ships, components, game modes, leaderboards and cosmetic options, some additions have been made thanks to direct feedback from the community. In addition, players can now get the original soundtrack standalone or bundled with games on Steam. Enjoy music from the frontiers of industrialized spaces and get special discounts! This soundtrack extends over the early access period of the game at no additional cost. For more information on both current and upcoming content, please see. Hard space: Ship breakerYou can get an overview of what has been added and what will be added in the future on the Steam roadmap.

Hard space: Ship breaker Now available in Steam Early Access. To celebrate the release of the major update for The Business is Booming, the game is now 30% off on Steam until January 5th. Players also Hard space: Ship breaker + OST bundle on Steam with additional special discounts. The console will be released at a later date.

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Hardspace: Shipbreaker – The Business is Booming update Out Now

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