Hardware Review: 8BitDo Arcade Stick Gives Switch the Feel of Coin Manipulation

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In 2020, analog control is the preferred way to interact with console games, but good old digital inputs are often still the best choice.Whether it’s a game like Tetris This requires responsive control in four basic directions or in titles such as: Street Fighter II This is just Nice big stickThere is definitely a market for controllers that offer interfaces that are usually associated with coin operations in the 80’s and 90’s. And 8BitDo, a talented provider of high-quality third-party accessories, devised one of them. The most finished product that hasn’t hurt its very itching yet.

8BitDo already addresses the needs of retro-savvy players with a rich range of wireless pads inspired by yesterday’s classic controllers, such as the SNES pad and the Megadrive 6-button controller. The 8BitDo Arcade Stick is a slightly different proposal for more discerning players who aren’t thinking of dropping more than $ 100 on premium digital controllers for use in fighters, shamps, and other classic arcade genres. ..

With that in mind, 8BitDo arcade sticks are more expensive than their typical product, costing a whopping $ 90 / £ 80. But in terms of design and build quality, it’s definitely one step ahead of what the company normally produces. It’s a heavy beast, which means it’s left in place during desperate play (a large rubber pad on the base certainly helps in this regard as well). The micro switch sticks are also cute and responsive, and the large, thick buttons are comfortable and work well under rapid load.

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In short, the 8BitDo Arcade Stick is as comfortable as any other stick we’ve been using for years (which is a huge advantage over our longtime favorite official Dreamcast Arcade Stick), but what? The good news is that if you have any problems, the parts used here can be easily replaced with other components that suit your personal taste. The modifiable nature of the sticks, in 8BitDo’s terms, includes those manufactured by the legendary company Sanwa, which many consider this type of product to be the gold standard. That means it can support almost any arcade stick manufactured. Don’t you like the fact that the stick has a square gate for directional input? You can change the joystick mounting plate to various shapes, such as a hexagonal gate. This allows you to more clearly distinguish directional inputs (although the square gates that come with the sticks are great for smooth fighting games; flowing directional inputs).

The 8BitDo Arcade Stick is actively flower-decorated with switches and buttons, and comes with lots of cool features that really make it stand out. It includes support for X-Input and Switch, and you can switch between the two using the mode switch in the upper left corner of the stick. Due to the different layout of the switch and X-Input (usually mimicking the button configuration of an Xbox 360 controller), switching between the two will change the red light-up symbol next to each button.

Another switch can be used to instruct the stick to act as the left analog stick or D-Pad. This is useful for switch titles that map directional controls to one or the other, but not both at the same time. You can also tell the stick to map the controls on the analog stick on the right, but this is something you’ll rarely use. All buttons also have a rapid fire option. Note that this can be completely remapped using 8BitDo’s “Ultimate” computer-based software program. You can also create special macros that combine buttons and directional inputs and map them to two special buttons for easy access. There is no screenshot button to get the Switch screen and video out of the box, but if you want, you can add that functionality to the Turbo button using the Ultimate application mentioned above.

The stick supports both wired and wireless connections, the latter being available in both Bluetooth and 2.4g varieties. Bluetooth is supported without the need for additional gear, but with higher input delay. That said, I didn’t see any real difference between the latency of this stick and the latency of the Switch Pro Controller, so I’m already happy with the responsiveness I get from the product and I’m happy with it. 8BitDo arcade stick performance. However, if you’re particularly interested in this kind of thing and many people are, you can use the bundled 2.4g USB wireless dongle, which is housed in a convenient compartment at the top of the stick. When you connect it to the system of your choice, you can enjoy a “faster” connection on paper than standard Bluetooth.

you Real If you’re a stickler to avoid waiting, you can of course use a USB wired connection. It is supported with a bundled USB-USB-C cable. This is very long and long enough to sit on the other side of the room. , A little far from the TV and console. Using this method will obviously benefit from infinite battery life (well, of course), but if you choose to play wirelessly, you’ll rely on the stick’s 1000mAh Li-on rechargeable battery. This is suitable for playing for about 40 hours 30 hours when using a 2.4g dongle and 30 hours when using Bluetooth. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

Needless to say, 8BitDo Arcade Sticks are not suitable for all games. Without analog inputs, many of Switch’s most notable titles are hopeless, but if you’re a fan of one-on-one arcade fighters, beat’em up fighters, shmups, or old-fashioned 2D platformers, these are now It’s available on the platform, but to be honest, I don’t think you can find a better (or more versatile) option on the market right now. It’s a niche controller, but you can imagine it’s definitely a must-have for old-fashioned game fans.

The 8BitDo Arcade Stick was provided by 8BitDo for the purposes of this review.

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