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The AIBA Men’s World Championship is underway in Serbia.John Denen talks to Harris Akbar and looks forward to the next match

The opening ceremony, lottery and the first match of the AIBA Men’s World Championships at the Stark Arena in Belgrade, Serbia.

For some boxers, it’s been a long time to reach this moment. Harris Akbar of England was bidding for his time during the final Olympic cycle. Currently he gets his shots in one of the major international tournaments. He will play his first match in the world at 71kgs on Friday (October 29th).

“It was just waiting and I believed in myself. It’s clearly behind in the last few years. Pat McCormack, There wasn’t much I could do. I’m glad GB gave me this chance. It was my first major as a senior and I can’t wait to be honest. It’s more exciting than anything else, “he told Boxing News.

However, he grew up by sparring with McCormack over the years. “The most important thing it gave me was a lot of beliefs in myself, because I was very good at sparring and took me to Tokyo to help prepare for the Olympics. The world If I were to help people like him who won the Olympic silver medal in one here, the next person in front of me wouldn’t be that good and I should be able to go out And to be a good person at the end of the day. More importantly, I think he gave me a lot of beliefs. A lot of beliefs and confidence, “he said.

Stints in Tokyo also stimulated his ambitions. “It gave me more hunger for the next Olympics. That’s what I gave. I want to make it so bad now. That’s all I’ve been thinking about since I came back.” Harris continued. “I’ve been more prepared than ever. I’m ready for the person they put in front of me.”

In the new weight class at this event, Akbar had the option to go at 67kg, but chose to move from 2kg to 71kg. “I understand how much I like drinking water! I can eat a little more, what I did is a little more muscular,” he says. “I might be a faster guy too … this is also my first time at 71kg, I’ll see what happens.

“I think it’s just a performance issue, now it’s a boxing issue to your best ability.”

As Akbar progresses, he can come across the best of sports. “I’m a competitive fighter. I don’t really care who’s in front of me. I know it’s a problem for everyone. So it’s really just playing that day. It’s a problem, “Harris said. “They aren’t going to bring anything to a table I’ve never seen.

“It doesn’t matter who is in front of you. You are a world-class competitor. We are all world-class competitors. I don’t care who is in front of me, put it in the box as much as possible. I’m always aiming to win. “

Akbar has great confidence in this new look GB team. “We train harder than fighting,” he said. “It was hard. It was really hard. We did advanced training, hard runs and hard spar. We did multinational camps where Germany, France, Scotland and Wales came. It was hard, but it was hard. It was a really smart preparation, and that’s the main thing behind it.

“To show people at the world level, we surprise a lot of people. We surprise a lot of people.”

His GB teammates are active throughout the week. Neil Farrell has a great opening match against French featherweight Olympic Samuel Kist Harry on Thursday (October 28th).Super heavyweight Delicious orie Played against Luis Gomez Meneses of Mexico on Thursday (October 28th). Light heavyweight George Crotti meets Omulbeck Bekjigit Uluru in Kyrgyzstan on Saturday (October 30).

At this event, they are boxing for England. This means that Scottish teams can participate in this tournament. Scotland’s welterweight Tyler Jolly Box on Thursday (October 28). Matthew McHale weighs 54 kg and will face Russia’s Kulban Bairambekov on Friday (October 29). Middleweight Sam Hicky and lightweight Reese Lynch will be active on Saturday (October 30th).

Ireland also has a new team with experience at the elite level. Their featherweight Adam Hession will face Russia’s Eduardo Savin on Thursday (October 28). Light heavyweight Kerin Cassidy will box Mexico’s Sayed Olbera Arriaga on Saturday (October 30th), and light flyweight Ricky Nesbitt will face Uzbekistan’s Nodil John Milzakhmedov on the same day.

Don’t miss next week’s issue for reports from previous World Championship actions.

The start of the tournament wasn’t going well. The Kosovo boxing team was not allowed to enter Serbia. Kosovo and Serbia were subject to strict border restrictions after Kosovo declared independence in 2008. The incident cast doubt on AIBA’s actions in bringing these world championships to Serbia. “Despite the IOC’s repeated advice to the League of Nations on the need for such due diligence, AIBA does not appear to have applied the required due diligence before assigning this tournament to Belgrade,” said the IOC. rice field.

“Therefore, this incident, which is harmful to Kosovo athletes, adds serious concern to the IOC regarding the governing of this suspended League of Nations.”

AIBA was trying to resolve the situation with the event organizer. They point out that the host city agreement signed by the local organizing committee details that entry must be permitted. “AIBA is saddened by the political situation that is preventing the Kosovo Boxing Federation from joining,” they said. “AIBA believes that sports should help transcend politics and break down barriers. Our World Championships are invited to bring together all nations to celebrate unity, diversity and friendship. It’s an event. “

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Harris Akbar: “We will surprise many people.” Harris Akbar: “We will surprise many people.”

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