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Kayla Harrison She revealed that if they match, they are keeping in mind the number of people who can stay in the PFL instead of trying a free agent.

Following her last contract PFL fight this week, Harrison will be the most popular free agent in mixed martial arts. Even though it just made its debut in sports in 2018. Harrison moved to MMA after a successful career as a judo practitioner in which Ohio natives won two Olympic gold medals in London and Rio de Janeiro four years later.

After 11 appearances, the 31-year-old has five knockouts, four submissions, a PFL lightweight championship and an intact record including $ 1 million, making him one of the best players ever. We are laying the foundation. She aims to further establish her way to the top with her second title this week.

Harrison, who defeated Mariana Morais, Cindy Dandois and Jenna Fabian in three first matches, has been in the women’s £ 155 PFL final for the second year in a row.Her quest for another dose of glory You’ll see Harrison clash with Taylor Gardad on Wednesday..

With the exception of the only win under the Invicta FC flag, Harrison’s entire professional career has been devoted to a rapidly rising PFL promotion. But her eleventh battle with the organization marks the end of her current contract.Given her popularity and growing fanfare, many are UFC or Bellator MMA may be on the card.

Nevertheless, Harrison is not ecstatic about the idea of ​​a free agent. Before 31 years old In order to maintain her service, the PFL suggested that she must offer her an incredibly lucrative contract. For another season. Currently, there seem to be a number of dominant American Top Team products that can be seen with her in mind to extend the PFL.

Kayla Harrison provides up-to-date information on the upcoming free agent

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in the meantime Recent interview with Marc Raimondi of ESPNMMAHarrison said he wants to avoid the “uncertainty” of free agents, especially if she meets her demands, especially because she has a family to serve.

“As you know, I don’t really think much about it. [Has becoming a mom impacted your thoughts on free agency?] Yes, I think so. I have a number in my head that’s okay, meaning I have two kids now. If this number is provided, choose security for that number over the uncertainty of the free agent. [What number might that be?] It’s not your job, it’s the number, “Harrison jokingly replied.

Harrison went on to see that the number would be seven digits per game. However, she claimed to be focused solely on defeating Guardado at PFL 10 on Wednesday.

“That’s it. I’m not thinking anymore. You know, I have work to do here … my work isn’t done, work isn’t done, I’m out there Go and plant one round at a time, one minute at a time, one exchange at a time time, a breath at a time, I’m going to quit Taylor. That’s all I really think and the rest works fine I know I’m going. Whenever I emphasize money, money is a problem. But the moment I step back, I release all that negative energy and what I should do Just focus on it and the money will come. It will work. “

When Dana White’s latest commentIf Harrison commits to a free agent, the transition to the UFC doesn’t seem to be in the table. Given PFL Star’s recent feud with Chris Cyborg, the move to Verator to challenge the former UFC champion is probably Harrison’s most likely move.But her manager Ali Abdelaziz is confident that it will be possible to negotiate with the PFL...

Where would you like to see Kayla Harrison fight after his last PFL match?

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Harrison reveals that she has a number that keeps in mind to stop free agents Harrison reveals that she has a number that keeps in mind to stop free agents

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