Harry Styles really didn’t want to be left behind in the Eternals movie set

Eternals star Lia McHugh talks about her beginning bond with Harry Styles, saying he didn’t get in the way to interact with her and other cast members.

Eternals Star Lia McHugh says she didn’t really want to be left behind when Harry Styles was on the set. Styles is the brother of Thanos, Marvel comics, Secretly, Exciting MCU post-credit scene It is excluded from the preview so that the audience does not ruin it. However, the scene managed to circulate on social media following the official premiere of the movie. Style characters play an important role in cartoons and work very well on MCUs.Painted by his longtime companion, Pip the Troll (Patton Oswalt) Eternals) Is often on his side, creating interesting dynamics between the two characters.

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Moreover, Eternals It wasn’t just the post-credit scene that the actor shot for the movie. Styles is known to spend more time on the set, shooting at least one other scene that has been cut out of film. According to the cast, this scene was also done on the team’s ship, Domo. Eros communicating with Alisem in heaven Alongside the entire team, it suggests that it was done before it arrived on Earth.

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McHugh, who plays Sprite, revealed some additional details about style in a recent interview. Inverse.. The actor talks about being on the set at the same time as the style while filming the scene, and instead of retreating to the trailer like the other actors McHugh worked with, he was aggressive with other casts even when he wasn’t there. I was talking to the shooting. Hugh described him as follows:Very cool,“He said,”I didn’t want to be alone.. Check out the full quote here:

So I was shooting the first scene, he was shooting the last scene, but it was cut after all. But we were all on the sound stage together. I talked every time I took a break. He was really cool. Some actors want to hide in their tents and leave them alone, which is great. You are working, I understand it. But he said, “What happened to everyone? Let’s come to the tent.” He didn’t want to be alone.


Although Styles’ role in the film was very small, he nevertheless interacted with the cast and did not disturb him to announce his presence on the set. This is not always common for small-role actors. As McHugh says, they tend to be isolated to focus on their work.But with the participation of Styles Dedication to the role of his MCU Impressive-and partly talks about the importance of his future role.

As a brother of Thanos in the comics, Star Fox was named Eros (his original name was Elon) because of his love for sexuality and romantic love. Given his strong relationship with his fans, this is a perfect role for style.Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are unlikely to cast such a big star in a disposable role, and according to the continuity of the comic, Eros Eternals‘It’s a storyline, but the whole MCU.

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Source: Inverse

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Harry Styles really didn’t want to be left behind in the Eternals movie set

https://screenrant.com/eternals-movie-harry-styles-set-story-lia-mchugh/ Harry Styles really didn’t want to be left behind in the Eternals movie set

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