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Harvest Bushel Pricing Farmers


Harvest Bushel Pricing Farmers

As the harvest approaches, farmers are fixing their profits.

Brent Renner, a corn and soybean producer in north-central Iowa, says he hasn’t made any significant changes to his marketing plans.

“But if I didn’t say the price wasn’t that high and it was just as difficult to find a good price in the last 3-4 years, I would be lying. For me, sell faster. It’s easier to get started. Later. “

He said rising input costs could reduce brownfield margins next year.

“So we need to take that into account, and depending on what the production really is, the market is still very volatile.”

Krem farmers say they need to hedge to manage significant price fluctuations.

Harvest Bushel Pricing Farmers Harvest Bushel Pricing Farmers

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