Harvest Moon: One World Bronze | Search, Mining, and Refining

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bronze Is an important resource of Harvest Moon: One World.. Used in many crafting recipes, it can also be given to NPCs when requested in exchange for rewards (often). Better Recipe creation).

Harvest Moon Bronze Location: One World

You can find bronze in the mine. Harvest Moon: There are various mines throughout the One World map. However, the mine east of Carrison is an excellent source of bronze and opens at a convenient location in the game.

By the way progression unlocks new areas of the game, you may encounter the need for bronze for the first time after you have acquired the Earth’s medallion. Shortly thereafter, Doc Jr will send you a request to build a fertilizer maker. To do that, you’ll need five bronze.

Depending on how quickly you reached this point in the story, the eastern bridge may still be a few days away from repairs. Keep an eye out for it to open and explore new areas as soon as possible to start hunting for bronze.

When you reach the first fork in the path, head east. Turn north at the second fork. There is a mine with a new NPC acquaintance called Dva.

You need a hammer to mine bronze and other resources. Dva will eventually help you upgrade your tools, so be sure to talk to him when you’re in the area.

How to use bronze in Harvest Moon: One World

Most of the time Bronze ingot It is actually used for trading and crafting.However, the bronze obtained from mining comes in a raw form called Bronze ore..

To turn an ore into an ingot, you need to refine it. Doc Jr’s house has a machine that can do this.

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Harvest Moon: One World bronze | Finding, mining, and refining

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