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Aaron Rodgers made history on Saturday night, but his performance wasn’t always exciting.

Aaron Rodgers Connected with Robert Tonyan to do a one yard touchdown in the first quarter Green Bay Packers 7-0 lead. It also showed Rogers’ position in future history books.

With this score, the 37-year-old quarterback became the first player in league history to finish in three seasons with more than 40 touchdowns. Rogers, who is currently leading the league in touchdown, was almost ready to win another MVP title in a weakly defensive match.

That is, he thought.

After the third drive, the Green Bay attack took a step back. Yes, Aaron Jones recorded a two-touchdown match, but Rogers’ role was limited by a 24-16 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

The race for the highest honor of the league could have won on Saturday night.Instead, the door is wide open Patrick Mahomes To regain the top spot.Against New Orleans SaintsThe 2018 MVP winner can show why all Sundays are back to normal, despite the rough outings of the 14th week.

If not, there is another name you need to enter in the mix.It’s time to add Buffalo Bills Josh Allen Group chats until proven otherwise.

Can Rogers’ blunder open the door to Allen and Mahomes?

The record is intended to be broken and Rogers’ feat was completed on Saturday night. In reality, he wasn’t the only one to do so.

Allen, who soared to Tier 1 quarterback status in 2020, rewrote his career story thanks to the surge in seasons. Allen, who defeated Denver Broncos 49-19, defeated Buffalo for the 25th consecutive year and failed to win the AFC East title.

It’s more than that for Allen. Saturday marked his seventh 300-yard pass game of the season. It also became his seventh without interception. Allen’s turnover has plummeted, but his completion rate is the highest ever (68.6%).

Mahomes has performed the worst this season, causing the league’s best turnover. After throwing three intercepts and loosening the 30-yard sack, the Chiefs somehow found a way to beat the Miami Dolphins on the road.

Reason? Mahomes.

Mahomes leads the NFL in the passyard (4,208), is third in the touchdown (33), and has only five passcuts. Meanwhile, his loaded arsenal can pick up the yard and find a way to help him survive his lucrative drive.

Who else remembers when Mahomes took 75 seconds to ruin the Las Vegas Raiders season? A great match against the league’s second defense could fuel the fire for fans to claim to be the leading candidate for the title.

No matter how you look at it, all three can be in the 16th week. A bad show from Mahomes could peg him down and a good show could push him up. In the meantime, we must commend Allen and his ability to overcome all obstacles, including countless suspects.

Rogers would have been able to lock in all history and MVP racing overnight. Instead, the trio will make the final turn of the 2020 season, making it a wild race.

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Has Aaron Rodgers just opened the door for Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in the MVP race? Has Aaron Rodgers just opened the door for Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in the MVP race?

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