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If there’s one thing Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to know, it’s a way to get the best striker out.

Solskger is one of the club’s most iconic strikers and, of course, famous for scoring a winning goal in the 1999 Champions League final, where United won the treble.

But this season, we need to question whether our boss is pulling out the best of teenage genius Mason Greenwood.

Last season, Solskger gradually returned Greenwood to the first XI. The teenager played 31 Premier League appearances in the club, 19 times off the bench and 12 times. Ten of the twelve starts were played in the last 11 games of the season.

Solskger’s patience with Greenwood was rewarded with a strong end to the season, scoring 19 goals in all tournaments in Reds’ first full term.

Most people expected Mason to kick this season, but after 15 games, he scored only three goals.

Whatever happens behind the scenes, what is clear on the pitch is that the English guy isn’t playing a stable match and is very enduring a stopstart time under the Norwegians.

Solskger, who lost 3-1 to Crystal Palace in the opening round of the season, pulled Greenwood apart in half-time. This 19-year-old is far from United’s worst player in the last 45 minutes.

Greenwood was then dropped for the next match, an EFL Cup draw with Luton Town, but when he was taken off the bench, he scored a goal in just 12 minutes and was assisted.

He was then primed and played against RB Leipzig on October 28, seven minutes away from the bench, not an unused submarine, undercoat, squad, not squad. He was then primed in the game, then re-primed, given 14 minutes, 31 minutes instead of a squad, not a squad (he provided an assist), and was withdrawn against Southampton in half the time. The first 90 minutes of the season with West Ham, given 11 minutes before the final play, scored a goal, followed by another 90 minutes.

Then the pattern begins to repeat again – last night we primed, primed, unused primed, and again primed against Everton.

This highly interrupted schedule can have very good reasons. There were rumors of disciplinary issues when Greenwood broke the Covid quarantine limit to entertain young women in a hotel room while working in the United Kingdom. There was also a mysterious illness that seemed unpleasant for Solskger to explain. You may not be able to complete 90 minutes due to stamina issues. Also, because you are young, there may be factors that keep the player on cotton wool.

However, I have to feel that Solskger makes the life of a Bradford-born man very difficult. He always seems to be the first player to be taken away, even when United is chasing the game. He rests more often than he starts (10 out of 22 games). Greenwood’s rhythm and self-confidence must be challenged under these circumstances.

Also, when in his natural role as a striker, it should be remembered that the young star is still playing most games in the right wing position. This needs to add a factor in the difficulty of what he is expected to do under the Solskger.

Without knowing all the facts behind these decisions, Solskger must say that he is at risk of retaining Greenwood when he should push forward. He needs to run and be encouraged on a regular basis, rather than going in and out sideways like a fiddle’s elbow.

According to Transfermarkt, Greenwood is one of the best teenagers in the world of football and is second only to Barcelona’s Ansu Fati. Even if the reason for Solskger is Staccato’s choice, he needs to revisit them and trust the player more at this important stage of his career.

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Has Mason Greenwood’s progress been stopped by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? Has Mason Greenwood’s progress been stopped by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

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