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This is another big week for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. Lots of news to discuss in the latest next-generation newscast.

Stay up-to-date on Amazon’s PS5 delivery issues and ask what you’re actually doing to provide the right ones to your affected customers. Next, we move on to the ongoing war with the next generation of console scalpers. In this war, the latest battle was won by an unlikely source. What about eBay, which is full of misleading lists on the PS5?

Then we’ll chat about the first important update to the Xbox Series X and S, and Halo Infinite, which has been the subject of some groundless rumors this week. Speaking of consoles only, we’ve found that people are using the Xbox Series X and S to emulate PlayStation 2 games. Who needs Halo when having Silent Hill 2?

Our big discussion this week revolves around the PS5 and the way the PS5 was designed to address some of the problems people face in single-player games. This week, VICE Games published an article containing details of Sony’s confidential documentation revealing how the PS5 addressed some of the issues people had with single-player games. Something like “I don’t know how much time I need, I won’t play unless I have more than 2 hours of free time”, “It takes a long time to scan a long help video when I get stuck”.

Watching the PS5’s new activity mechanic and its built-in guide video, estimated time to complete mission features, and ultra-fast loading, which one to solve some of these issues Sony identified in single-player games You can track how you worked. But are activities and help videos just a gimmick? Or has the PS5 changed the way single player games are played forever?

Join news editor Tom Phillips and reporter Emma Kent to discuss this and all of the above in the video below. pleasant!

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Has the PS5 changed the way single player games are played forever?


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