Hasbro reveals new Bokatan and Baby Yoda figures for Mando Monday

Another mand Monday has arrived. This means Hasbro will take a peek at the upcoming Star Wars figures inspired by the Mandalorian’s current season. This includes a brand new figure drawn by Bo-Katan Kryze, a favorite of Clone Wars fans, based on her first live-action appearance. Check out the slideshow gallery below to learn more about Bo-Katan and the long-awaited re-release of the Star Wars Black Series archive line, a new lineup of baby Yoda merchandise.

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With the exception of Dinjarin and Grog, Vocatan is the first Black series figure to be directly inspired by The Mandalorian: Season 2. The new figure features a very accurate portrait of actress Katee Sackhoff. Aloud Vocatan in Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. If you are so leaning, the figure also comes with an alternative, helmeted head. Hasbro recently unveiled a new Ahsoka Tano toy inspired by both Clone Wars and the Rebels, a Mandalorian version modeled after actress Rosario Dawson’s top of Hasbro’s 2021 priority list. You can imagine. Four additions to the Black Series archive line. These numbers are a re-release of the old, hard-to-find Black series toys. This particular wave appears to be targeting military builders in the world of collection, as it includes three Rogue One Troopers (Destroyer, Shore Trooper, Hover Tank Driver) and Tusken Raiders.

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Finally, and not surprisingly, Hasbro plans to release a new baby Yoda toy in the coming months. This week, the company is teasing a cute 2-inch version of Grogu in a variety of adorable poses and a second series of Bounty Collection figures with a new plush toy that can be turned inside out to form a hover plum. Hasbro’s previous Mandal Monday announcement includes a life-sized Dinjarin helmet and a line of retro figures inspired by the classic Kenner toys of the past.

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