Haunting can stay in early access for a long time, thanks to its extraordinary success •

Kinetic Games, the studio behind the blockbuster co-op ghost hunting game Phasmophobia, “revisited” a development plan that initially required only a short early access period as a result of the game’s huge success. I am.

The developer of Phasmophobia, dubbed Dknighter, released a horror game on Steam in September, which quickly became a hit, despite humble expectations for the project. “We planned to reach up to 500 players on the launch date and reduce it from there. Currently, game sales exceed 2 million and the peak number of players is about 90,000.” Dknighter told .

The rise of the haunting meteorite eventually forced us to rethink a bit in terms of how development progressed. “Initially, we planned to shorten early access by just adding a few maps, ghost types, and equipment,” explains Dknighter. “But the popularity of the game has raised everyone’s expectations, so we have to do that. Rethink my plans for the future of the game.”

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We still don’t know what those newly evolved plans will look like and how they will affect the game. Currently, Dknighter prioritizes major bug fixes over new content, saying, “These bug fixes are usually sent when ready, but because the game code needs to be updated a lot. Many new systems need to be tested, so the next update will be a big stability and bugfix update. ”When new content arrives, it also“ may be combined into a big update ”.

But one thing that doesn’t seem to happen at first glance is the vaguely considered PvP mode. In this mode, one player controls the ghost and four additional players perform the usual Phasmophobia ghost hunting. “We’ve added a second PvP mode to Trello and we’ve seen how everyone reacts,” explains Dknighter.[but] There are currently no plans to add another game mode. It turns the game into something completely different and keeps it away from what I want. “

Phasmophobia is now available on Steam Early Access, and with the favor of Eurogamer’s fearless video crew, it can often be terrifying.

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