Have you ever angered your controller and threw it?

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Ask Kotaku this week: Have you ever infuriated and threw a controller?

It's good that he was born long after the heyday of Ninja Gaiden.

The good thing he was born long after Ninja RyukendenThe heyday of.
screenshot: Tecmo / MobyGames


I’ve never thrown a controller myself, but I was around the person who owns it. In fact, I helped take him to this world. Now nine-year-old son Seamus broke two different TVs by pointing the Xbox One controller in the general direction. I’ve never seen it happen on my own, but both TVs were in the nursery. His twin Archer bumped into him on both occasions. This is bad from a sibling’s point of view, but okay from a parenting point of view. to see.

Interestingly, neither controller throw was due to frustration with gameplay. I think it’s because the Xbox controller’s battery is dead for the first time. Following that incident, there was a long debate that it was cheaper to replace two AA batteries than a $ 500 TV. The second time, the buttons on the controller got stuck in some terrible child goo. Melted chocolate, sticky juice, probably mucus. All the reasons I have my own controller and can’t handle them anymore without antibacterial wipes.

Maybe it’s a catharsis of throwing something that upsets you, so it’s not that important about the controller. This is because Archer recently abandoned Alexa from the balcony on the second floor because he had played Redneck’s “Cotton-Eye Joe” many times. Maybe I need to stop making fun of my kids.


I have never thrown a controller. Frankly, I’m surprised if someone I’m playing a game suddenly gets angry and starts throwing projectiles. I am not very impressed either. Get yourself like, you’re Makin I feel a judge. (It’s certainly not difficult.)

But I did have my own little blast and dialed back to 3 or 4 instead of 11. When I was young, I sometimes erupted with frustrated taunts when I ate shit in some high stakes game sits. OK, maybe more recently. Especially at the moment of frustration, hit the right thigh with moderate force. I don’t remember noticing the bruise later, but still my feet don’t deserve it. Excuse me, bud!

If the game makes me worse and it’s not a thigh abuse level, I squeeze the controller very hard and start twisting both sides in the opposite direction, as if trying to pull it apart. But as soon as the plastic started to squeak, my mother couldn’t grow me well and break a perfectly good gamepad, so I quickly got back on track. Damn things are expensive these days! It feels good, however, to put out that little charged emotion before I configure myself for another attempt.

Called by some favors at Pixar.

Called by some favors at Pixar.
image: Zack Zubisen


I was frustrated and gently threw the controller on the couch or bed. I wasn’t trying to break them at these moments, just freed myself from the game. But I’m going to blow up my family, my brother chucked some controllers.

There was one incident that came to our mind when we were young. He was playing something on the Xbox 360. Madden Or FIFA The game, and he got angry. At the moment of anger, he chucked his controller across the room. We had a wooden floor and the controller left a large and noticeable dent in the tree. Surprisingly, the controller was still working. The grip was a bit cracked, but some duct tape fixed it. At another time, he slammed the controller on the floor with such force, and the battery pack popped out, but it bounced back into his hand.

In recent years he has calmed down a bit. This is good because the controller is not cheap. I tried to explain to him that breaking the controller wasn’t a great idea, but he didn’t care! One rule I had was that he couldn’t play with my controller. And he never did. Instead, he had a small collection of slightly broken gamepads. GTA online NPC..

Queen on her throne.

Queen on her throne.
Photo: Lisa Marie Sega


I treat my controller with the utmost respect. It is cleaned regularly and kept clean. I never get rid of my frustration with them. Y’all is wild.


I had never thrown a video game controller myself. I’ve experienced so many things, especially at recent prices, such as passionate anger in the fight against game tournaments.

In events like the Evolution Championship Series, it’s not uncommon to hear roars and screams when someone hands over their ass while walking in a competitor’s area.And that’s not happening near me, but thrown pads and arcade sticks happen, but probably less often smash community.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand. The frustration of losing what you like, coupled with the fact that someone else may have excluded you from an important tournament, can bring out an angry monster to anyone. I hope people count up to 10 and breathe a little before becoming ferocious, but do what you have to do unless you hurt someone!

how about you?

KotakuWeighed, but what do you think? Have you been in full anger mode, or has the calm life of meditation and contemplation blunted your basic impulses? Please give us your opinion! We’ll be back next Monday to discuss and discuss another otaku issue. See you in the comments!


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