Have you ever played … Chasm: Lift?

Chasm: If you’ve heard of The Rift, salute. If you aren’t there, I won’t blame you. A first-person shooter game released in 1997 that aims to compete with Quake. To be honest, it’s a pretty difficult question. However, there is one thing that beats id Software’s classics. It’s a clown monster.

Specifically, lizard people who are also clowns but have seen blades in their hands. These once-interesting people are actually part of a faction of aliens called time strikers trying to overtake the planet. It’s up to us (the strong, pixelated Marines) to deal with the threat in the only way we know. Gun, baby.

OK. It will be clean. I have never exceeded the first level. It was like an 8 or something when popped into an old home PC. I don’t think I had much experience with first-person shooters. I was mostly playing racing games like Screamer 2, so I was amazed by the dark environment, internal organs and violence.

What really scared me was the clarity of the sound. There is no background music. It’s just the pattern of rain when it rains and the sinister thunder cracks in the distance. The door opens with a big squeak, and the enemy jumps out of the hiding place with horrifying rumblings and anxious squitters.

Very young I didn’t have it at all, given that much of the expedition takes place in narrow, dimly lit corridors. I remember being frozen in horror, mentally elevating myself for a few minutes and then going a little further, but eventually gave up.

Perhaps now is the time to return to seek revenge on the time striker who scared me. In addition, I couldn’t meet the clown monster, maybe it’s pretty fun?

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Have You Played… Chasm: The Rift?

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