Have you ever played … Dream Daddy?

I haven’t actually played many romance simulator games. When Dream Daddy first appeared, I tried it and had an overall solid time. I had a nice date with a handsome coffee shop owner, and he introduced me to the band PUP, which has a lot of absolutely angry bangers.

But in these uncertain times (™) I went back to DD. Because I crave because I thought a virtual dad’s date might be able to help me through a lonely time, which is just a hug from a muscular companion of comfort. But first, I have to make my own dad.

Unfortunately, I can’t pierce my character with a septum, and the hair that most closely resembles my hair has streaks of different colors, but check me out! You’re a pretty spectator, right?

No, I don’t really look like that. The three body types available were “athletic,” “slim,” and “chic.” Ranky was not an option. But it’s cool. I’m sure it will be like this one day.

I hang out with my fun daughter Amanda and understand my inside story. We have some dad / daughter jokes that embarrass her with old pictures and she sticks me a needle for my bad joke. Good times.

Ah ah, I’m here, I’m back at the coffee shop. Coffee dad Matt greets us and immediately begins talking about poetry. Order a Chinese word. Matt was impressed. Amanda orders Macchiato de Marco.

Dream Daddy's Mat stands in a coffee shop and plays cool music and vibes like a sweet and sexy dad.

I will definitely date this guy again.

He was also impressed with my suggestion of “Banana Bread Kennedy” about his Banana Bread name. I remembered why I rarely played this game now. The dad you’re definitely trying to be your boyfriend is the first person you meet. A handsome and gloomy man catches my eye from the other side of the bar. I’m not interested. I chose my dad, and you can’t get past him (haha).

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Have You Played… Dream Daddy?

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