Have you ever played … Evil within 2?

The Evil Within 2 is set in a large residential area with many homes, garages and shops. Up to this point, the game (and series) was perfectly linear, so it’s quickly difficult to have the ability to roam. You choose a building, go inside and expect the best. What you’ll find ranges from fairly ordinary zombie-killing fares to truly horrifying miniature horror stories that include forced-feeding mothers and shy poltergeists.

On paper, the horror of open worlds doesn’t seem to make sense. Horror games are scary because the controls are firmly in the hands of the game you are playing. You only react to what you are given, and it is this lack of control that makes things so scary. Evil Within 2 has successfully nailed the open horror structure, so I’m surprised that more developers haven’t tried it since. By providing a small selection of locales, each delivering its own self-contained horror slice, players can work on them in any order. Once the main purpose is out of the way, you are free to leave and continue with the linear part of The Evil Within 2. The rest of the spooks are completely optional, but easily the most effective. game.

It’s not just this one section that makes The Evil Within 2 thrive. If you’ve seen the promotional art of the game, you’ve probably seen a pretty vivid image of a ghoul rising from a spooky white candle wax. This very unpleasant art direction is scattered throughout and is perfectly amazing every time. In “The Evil Within 2”, something truly unique is constantly being thrown. This is refreshing considering how official series like Resident Evil were obtained in comparison. If you’re interested in horror games, The Evil Within 2 is a must-see. It’s just to check out some open sections like no other.

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Have you played… The Evil Within 2?

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