Have you ever played … Far Cry Primal?

I’m Far Cry’s charismatic villain sucker. Since Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has sought to write a virian that clearly represents thrill and horror, but in the Stone Age Far Cry Primal, handsome and hypnotic fanatics and to save. I wasn’t too worried about the super aliens who were here for a day through the endless stream of bullets.

In my eyes, at least, they wanted Far Cry to stay alive and participate in games where it makes sense.

There are still outposts to work on and weapons to unlock, but this is set in 10,000 BC and plays a caveman (and not a terrible American 20 on vacation with his companions). With that in mind, this world fits more naturally into the story. That is, instead of machine guns and rocket launchers, there are spears and clubs. I don’t know if many people actually used the saber-toothed tiger as a means of transportation at the time, but it’s certainly better in-game. After the rival tribe, send a new best friend, a giant bear.

Craft is better suited here than the other entries in the series. Most of me suspect that Jason Brody never changed the bulb before heading to Luke Island, but Far Cry Primal is not a fish away from the water. Of course, your character knows what it takes to upgrade the quiver. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t last long in this world.

Primitive guns may cause more subdued confusion, but Far Cry Primal has always had a special place in my mind for its dedication to the subject. In addition, there are a few friendly bears you know.

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Have You Played… Far Cry Primal?

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