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Kalimba is probably the best puzzle platformer you have never played. Just saying that name will make you smile. It’s a fun word that just rolls your tongue. It’s like a pair of grinning totem heads that help bring the light back to the cursed island, cascading underground levels in search of a larger totem face than ever before. It’s a real jewel, an old kalimba, and one of my favorite games so far.

Kalimba’s main hook is to control both totem heads at the same time. They walk at the same speed, and when the other jumps, both jump. This is an idea you may have seen before on other indie puzzle platformers such as Sparpweed’s Ibb & Obb, but it’s used here for even greater effects. Really Play with old melons.

In most cases, the buds of the two light-colored totems occupy separate halves of the screen. Each has its own set of obstacles to overcome, but it rarely matches what is happening with other totemmates. Therefore, both sections should be carefully monitored to prevent accidentally throwing one into a deadly lava pit while the other is about to jump over a ledge. The environment also pulls them apart on a regular basis, and the more they get out of sync with each other, the more upset your brain begins when you try to keep it perfectly.

It’s a great brain exercise on the prestigious run’n’Jumpin’, and the idea escalate rapidly like a devil. Over time, you’ll run through color-coded lava pockets that perform double jumps, quadruple jumps, gravity hopping, and fast-paced totem swaps, destroying anything but the corresponding fluorescent totem heads. Mentioned a still huge snake.

But the best thing about Kalimba is its rhythmic soundtrack. As you can see, all levels have small shiny orbs that zipper and blip to the music as you collect it. It’s becoming more and more common these days, but during the fierce era of 2015, it was very new, fresh and exciting. However, these additional music punctuation marks provide another layer of toe-striking satisfaction each time you jump or press a button, helping you to join the platform. zone.. Like Celeste’s strawberries, you need to deploy all your platform prowess and collect all the last ones. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge, but the rewards for the golden totem head are so good that you can’t miss it.After all, you just can’t have 1 The head of a giant golden totem on the ever-rising map screen – you need to get everything.

But it’s bloody …

Unfortunately, Danish studio Press Play no longer exists to enhance Kalimba’s goodness. It was one of the causes of Microsoft’s big Lionhead selection in 2016, but since then many developers have been reorganized under the Flashbulb Games banner currently being created. Sandbox vehicle builder Trailmakers. It’s far from Kalimba, but it captures much of the same ridiculous spirit as a great platformer like a totem.

Seriously, but if you haven’t done so already, go to Kalimba and play. For only £ 7 / $ 10 on Steam, it’s worth a penny. I guarantee it.

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Have You Played… Kalimba?

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