Have you ever played … LEGO Island 2: Revenge of the Brick Star?

LEGO Island 2’s first mission: Brick Stars Revenge presents pizza to the townspeople as Pepper Roni, a slick talk-in and skateboard-in courier. Each person you deliver gives you a brick (?) For your new home (?), All put together by Bill Din, uh, the builder.

At least that’s what you’re trying to do. But when I was young, I clearly remember that I was completely unaware that the entire keyboard could be used to play video games on my PC. Therefore, I used only the space bar to run around the vast metropolis of Lego. This was very confusing at the time, as it allowed peppers to throw the entire pizza at a lightning-fast pace. I was running around with pizzas piled up on everyone’s face before I realized I needed to press the Shift key to actually deliver the pizza and advance the story. I often wonder how the town felt about wild kids chucking the goodness of the fabric everywhere in the guff.

Eventually, when he realizes what he’s doing, Pepper is told by Brickolinis to deliver the last pizza. He says the Lego Island wiki is Pepper’s adoptive parent, but I don’t remember mentioning it in-game. This last pizza, apparently with his Sopranos accent, has to go to Brickstar, the island’s only criminal. It turns out that he’s storing spicy peppers, eating them all at once, belching huge burps, breaking prison bars, running away, and quickly destroying Lego Island with a magical book. .. right.

From there, along with Pepper, you’ll be taken on a series of bizarre adventures across the world, from medieval castles to space, to thwart Brickstar’s evil plans. It’s a trip.

To be honest, LEGO Island 2: Brickstar’s revenge is happening a lot and often bites more than it can. But I am impressed with the effort of this game. And what it does is to embody the appeal of Lego games, which you’ve probably experienced countless times. Hit LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones, or any other title with its fascinating twist on the original property formula. There are many good things that can be traced back to the games of Lego Island.

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Have You Played… Lego Island 2: The Brickster’s Revenge?

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