Have you ever played … Star Wars: Squadrons?

Star Wars: I really wanted Squadrons to be a huge success. If you can snap your finger and change what you like about the gaming industry, you’ll give Star Wars: Squadrons a Call Of Duty player base. It’s an absolutely incredible cinematic experience, and a surprisingly deep competitive game that rewards tactics, skills, and staying calm under high pressure.

I love games with high skill limits. That’s why I’m often deep in my neck with the latest battle royale or FPS. Squadrons was, in many ways, a big departure from my usual genre, but its high skill caps inevitably captivated me like any previous game. Single-player campaigns turned out to be so mediocre that I spent most of my time from the beginning of the practice map and found out how much I could learn to fly around the wreckage and steer the ship properly.From direction and speed to the distribution of shields throughout the ship, scanning for the next threat, the proper balance of energy between weapons, engines and shields, the number of subtle decisions you have to make … it took a while. It’s a click, but once you click it, Star Wars: Squadrons My game..

I participated in a multiplayer 6v6 dogfight and flew a ring around my rivals. Rather than splashing the interceptor on a huge space debris like a fly against the windshield, I felt like I was actually doing what a real Starfighter pilot in the movie could do. So the immersive feeling has doubled. I learned a lot in a short amount of time about how to master dogfight. You learned how to boost, then drift, and chain microdrift. You have learned exactly how to exploit the TIE emergency power transducer to give an infinite boost.Contrary to what young Anakin thought, spinning Absent Good trick.

It’s a very rewarding skill-based game, and it looks and runs great. This is my short video of pulling off some Sweet Moves in the training area. All settings are maximum and can record over 60 FPS on an ultra-wide monitor. What a game.

Star Wars: Squadrons are available on Steam, Epic and Origin.

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Have you played… Star Wars: Squadrons?

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