Have you ever played with a cat?

If you had a reason to test the boundaries of what a “game retrospective” means, you’re bound to put a lovely cat mug on the RPS home page.

It’s Kira. Her markings make her look like she is wearing an incredible mask.

Of course, as the father of two proud cats, I can’t show any favor. So this is a picture of an equally adorable Harvey who is Kira’s brother:

* His *

Now that I’ve satisfied all my deep desire for cat photography, I really have to try to justify this “playing with cats deserves a retrospective of the game” stance that I endorsed myself. Hmm. Hmm.

The best thing about playing with cats is that they are very flexible activities. You can use literally anything to play with cats. Hangers, water bottles, telephones. If you feel particularly bold, the laces on your pants will upset the cat-although you may come at the expense of urinating like a fountain for the next few days.

When one of these items is swung around and accompanied by its high-pitched, energetic rhythm we talk to all pets, it magically becomes the most attractive to cats in the world. They are guaranteed to be obsessed with ideas such as capturing, letting go, and recapturing the item. It is also guaranteed to last for at least 30 minutes after getting tired and wanting to do something else.

That’s where the bouncing birds come in. There is a small cat toy in the house. It is a soft, fluffy bird filled with catnip (or similar), attached to a piece of plastic like pliers with an elastic string. Hang the toy over the door frame so you don’t have to carry it. It’s never old to see Kira finally grab a bird with both feet, wrench it in her mouth, and try to leave with her hard-earned prize. surface.

Playing with cats is great. If you are a cat owner and you are reading this, you have my permission to stop doing what you are doing and go play with your cat.

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Have you played… with a cat?

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