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Kyle Rudolph I haven’t played since week 13 due to a leg injury and will not play against the Detroit Lions at the Sunday season finale. He has been with the Minnesota Vikings since being drafted from Notre Dame Cathedral in the second round (43rd overall) in 2011.

He did a lot of good things for this team on and off the field.

After spending 10 seasons in the organization, will they move from one of the best tight ends in team history?

They did very well. It’s hard to say goodbye, but it certainly makes a lot of sense. He will turn 32 next season and has already achieved two tight ends at Abh Smith Jr. and Tyler Conklin. After Smith was drafted in 2019, many expected Rudolph to be gone soon. It didn’t happen. Since then he has remained on the team. However, his role on the team has declined in the last two seasons and has been used more for the block. He had 39 receptions in all 16 games last season and only 28 receptions in 12 games this season.

From a salary cap perspective, it makes good sense to move on.

According to Spotrac, the Vikings will surpass the salary cap by $ 10.92 million when it drops to $ 175 million. Rudolph has a $ 9.45 million deadline next season and a dead cap of $ 4.35 million.

If they didn’t have two good tight ends yet, it would make sense to rebuild him, but it’s not. Even if they had only one, they could have drafted an alternative to him.

Rudolph has a contract for the next two years.

2022: $ 10.25 million ($ 2.9 million dead cap)

2023: $ 11.65 million (1.45 million dead caps)

Even if the Vikings decide to revive Rudolph in 2021, it would be a huge surprise if he would come back afterwards, regardless of what his cap number looks like.

In 140 games (132 starts), he caught 453 Viking passes with 4,488 yards and 48 touchdowns. He has been nominated twice for the Pro Bowl, including being nominated for the Game MVP in 2012. He has played six times in all 16 games, including five from 2015 to 2019. He won his career’s best 83 passes in 2016 and his career’s best nine touchdowns in 2012.

But his biggest moment was in the playoffs last season when he caught a touchdown pass that won the extra time against New Orleans Saints. In addition to his play, Rudolf was an outstanding citizen. Not only has he always been respected by the entire organization, he has also been respected by his fans for his positive attitude both inside and outside the field. Since arriving in Minnesota, he has been very active in supporting the community.

It was fun to see those catches with one hand.

It will be hard to see him go, but 10 years in one place is still very good, and it’s a business. He has always been considered a prominent member of the history of this franchise and will one day become the team’s Ring of Honor.

Nothing in life lasts forever. Purple # 82 was a very good run.

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Have you ever seen the end of Kyle Rudolph in Minnesota? Have you ever seen the end of Kyle Rudolph in Minnesota?

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