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The two lovers gave up everything and fled to the planet lost to be together. Glide through mysterious landscapes, explore fragmented worlds and fight those trying to tear them apart in this RPG adventure about love, rebellion and freedom. Does love really conquer everything? Yu and Kay fled to the forgotten planet, leaving everything they knew. Play two lovers as they settle into an unknown world. Explore the planet looking for parts and materials to repair your ship and make it a cozy home. Enjoy the moments of everyday life as a friendly couple while preparing meals, making and collecting valuable resources, and make it the next day. Fight those who are trying to tear you apart by synchronizing your actions in battle, finding the perfect timing and rhythm, controlling both characters, and fighting to maintain your relationship with them. Explore beautiful, eerie and volatile planets while enjoying the thrilling soundtrack of renowned musician DANGER in this unexpected RPG adventure.

Note: This game utilizes Smart Delivery to give you access to both the Xbox One version and the Xbox Series X | S version of the game.

Product information:
Developer: Game Baker
Publisher: Game Baker
Website: Haven

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Haven Is Now Available For Windows 10, Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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