Hawkeye and Xbox Series X | S optimizations are now available on Marvel’s Avengers


  • Hawkeye: Play the iconic Avenger, an archer and swordsman expert, at no additional cost.
  • New Strategy: A continuous story that begins after acquiring AIM and explores the future in which the Maestro may appear as the main villain.
  • Next Generation: All the great features.

One of its most iconic members will join Marvel Avengers Today’s Operation Hawkeye: The future when Clint Barton arrives as a playable character is imperfect — and he brings with him more than his bow to the game. Xbox Series X | S optimizations also arrive today, It shortens the loading time and improves the visuals. Check out all of today’s news.

Play as Hawkeye

We first met Clint in Operation Kate Bishop. There she brought him back from the brink of a huge AIM conspiracy, including manipulating the time itself. Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfections Mark Chapter 2 of Season 1. There, we continue to dive into the results of the Tachyon project and face a future in which all hope can be lost.

Clint and Kate are mentors and protés, so they have similar skill sets, but nevertheless they are two different fighters with their own style. Kate flashes around the battlefield as a blur of endless attacks on multiple enemies, but Clint is an immovable hunter, hitting one enemy at a time with a powerful and accurate hit until he remains the only one. Defeat them one by one.

Clint’s bow skill is unique in the Marvel Universe, as it has unique abilities that increase the chances of a single target attack and various types of arrow weapons at your disposal. , He is an army. He also inspired his ronin era to create his sword abilities. This makes him a powerful melee and ranged hero.

Clint’s Heroic is three types of arrows: Assault, Recovery, and Hunter. His assault heroic uses the Night Storm Arrow. Fire them into the air and drop projectiles to destroy areas of the battlefield. His Recovery Arrow Support Heroic unleashes nanobots that flock nearby companions and restore their willpower. Hunter’s Arrow Ultimate Heroic is an AI-guided projectile that flies around the battlefield and penetrates targets. Once upgraded, fire two shots at a time, add explosives, or focus damage on the player’s targeted enemies. Relying on the Hunters Arrow, it launches an aerial attack with damage equal to the fleet of arrows, punishing enemies in battle no matter who Clint is in sight.

Xbox Series X | S Optimization

Introducing a new generation of Xbox Marvel Avengers Ready to play Xbox Series X | S! Players who own a digital Xbox One version of the game can upgrade to the full next-generation version at no additional cost, thanks to Smart Delivery.If you have a disk version of Marvel Avengers, Requires an Xbox Series X console to upgrade (requires internet connection). You can also use Xbox Live to play online with your friends. Marvel Avengers With Xbox One thanks to cross-generation multiplayer.

Improved loading time

Xbox Series X | S speeds up load times so you can start actions as soon as possible. From the wartable, move to your chosen location or mission, whether you’re looking for a substation zero hidden in the humid, lush Pacific Northwest, or an AIM-protected shield bunker in the frigid snow of Siberia. I can do it. AIMs don’t even get the chance to regroup before you return to their doorstep.

Next generation visual

Marvel Avengers There’s a beautiful world full of exquisite details, and the power of the Xbox Series X | S leads directly to improved heroic, destruction, graphic fidelity, and frame rate, so don’t miss it. All actions are loaded and seamlessly updated for uninterrupted combat and exploration. High-resolution textures add that level of exciting, cinematic realism to Heroics, making Thor’s lightning strikes dazzling torrents and Iron Man’s repulsor blast burning beams really feel in your hands. ..

Marvel Avengers

We are pleased to bring you the ultimate gameplay experience with Hawkeye and the next generation of upgrades. The Clint Barton and Xbox Series X | S experience has arrived. We look forward to seeing you at the Future Imperfect Hologram!

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Marvel’s Avengers is an epic third-person action-adventure game that combines original cinematic stories with single-player and collaborative gameplay *. Take your essential superhero gaming experience to another level! Marvel’s Avengers will be available on next-generation consoles at no additional cost. * This version boasts a wide range of visual and speed improvements and is backwards compatible with single and multiplayer. Marvel’s Avengers has a beautiful world full of exquisite details, with improved heroic, destruction, graphic fidelity and frame rates compared to previous generations, you won’t miss it. Immediately embark on short-loading actions and be amazed by the striking details of the enhanced destructive visuals that really make Heroics feel in your hands. Marvel’s Avengers supports file transfer and cross-generation play, so you can resume where you left off and continue your battle with your favorite superhero team against AIM. We look forward to announcing the arrival of Marvel’s Avengers next-generation console! Marvel’s Avengers leverages smart delivery technology. Buy the game once and play it on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S. Marvel’s Avengers for Xbox Series X | S is now available! **** Single player campaigns require one-time online access. Online access is required to download multiplayer and post-release content. A free Square Enix membership account is required. Platform-specific online subscription fees may be required. * To upgrade from a disk version, you will need the next generation version of the same console with a disk drive. ** Purchased credits can be used on the Xbox Series X | S console version of Marvel’s Avengers. Please note that your credits will be synced with your Microsoft account and your wallet will be shared on both platforms.

Hawkeye and Xbox Series X|S Optimizations Now Available in Marvel’s Avengers

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