Hawkeye Episode 3: MCU Easter Egg and Marvel Comics Reference

Kingpin, Wilson Fisk

  • Echo’s “Uncle” appears several times in the episode, and as a kid, I see a big man in a suit touching her face just a little bit. All arrows indicate that this is Kingpin’s Wilson Fisk. This is an interesting inclusion as he is only used for the Netflix Marvel show. daredevil.. Especially with the introduction of the Disney + Marvel show, most Netflix show events have been wiped out under the rug and have been considered more or less non-standard for core MCUs, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.
  • In fact, the deafness in normal school and the conversation between Echo and his father about the existence of the dragon seems to have dual implications for how Netflix Marvel fits. Echo exists in two worlds. How does it work? You would just have to look at it and go with it. The argument that a dragon will be stronger if it exists in “our world” is how Kingpin could take power in a world where even the Avengers are aware of his existence. It may also be related to what is standardly dangerous (as you can see from the conversation between Clint and Kate) at Washington Square Park.
  • When Ronin kills Echo’s father, Tracksuit Mafia is shown to run a business called “FatMan Auto Repair.” This sounds like the forefront of the Wilson Fisk business.
  • I can hear the laughter of a mysterious man, but he sounds terrible like Vincent D’Onofrio. Basically, this looks like it’s happening.

Car chase

  • The wide strokes of this amazing car chase are taken directly from the 2012 page of Matt Fraction, David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth. Hawkeye series, Hawkeye To be exact, # 3. All the basics are there, two hawkies (there’s there, but it’s Kate’s driving, not Clint … as he wanted here), a badly labeled trick arrow, and Kate’s bridge. Shoot an arrow in the air on the top. The classic series is beautifully translated on the screen here.
  • A vintage Dodge Challenger was also there (and also summed up) … it was the ride of one of Clint’s (unmarried in the cartoon) female friend, so what Hawkeye was driving. Except. Here, the car is Echo’s.
  • And of course, whenever there’s a large car chase involving the Dodge Challenger, you have to think of Steve McQueen’s classics. Brit..But the fact that this is happening on the streets of New York City in the middle of winter is just as bad. French Connection..

Speaking of those trick arrows …

Hawkeye Trick Arrow

The arrow take here is yet another switch between Hawkeye from the comic to the MCU (this show loves to do that and we’re cool with it). In the comics, Clint was very interested in the whole trick arrow concept and was defensive about it. Kate realized that the whole thing was incredibly stupid and gradually learned to respect them …

  • All the arrows placed in this car chase are: Putty Arrows, Planger Arrows, Explosion Arrows, Bora Arrows, Acid Arrows, Smoke Grenade Arrows (this and Putty Arrows look very cool), Pim Arrows (which is great), And the USB arrow. In contrast, in the comics, this scene is of a bora arrow, an acid arrow, a putty arrow (eventually what he used to knock down a tracksuit), a sonic arrow, an explosive arrow, and a cable. Arrows, smoke bullet arrows, rocket-based arrows, plunger arrows, electric arrows, and boomeran arrows. Net Arrow was mentioned, but I wasn’t used to it.
  • In running Fraction, Kate noticed that the USB arrow was particularly useless. Keep in mind that she didn’t have to shoot it, just manually insert it into her computer. It’s pretty weird that the USB arrow is considered the weakest and most pointless weapon of Hawkeye’s weapons. what if…?, It actually saved the Multiverse by crushing Infinity Ultron.

Pizza dog

Kate finally named her adopted puppy a pizza dog. This was the nickname for the comic version of the fan, and the original name before Clint changed to lucky was Arrow. Call him “a very good boy”. We are happy

Tracksuit mafia

  • The tracksuit mafia hideout was an abandoned former KB toy. KB Toys has been out of business since 2009, so anyone who owns the property must have wasted it. Sure, there was an attempt to revive in 2018, but the money didn’t go anywhere. I think the revival happened at the MCU just because the business collapsed again.
  • Is it pretty funny that one of the mafia villains in the tracksuit is obsessed with the Imagine Dragons when one of the early scenes is Echo and her father imagining a dragon? Similarly, their inspiring business slogan “Smile! You’re moving!” Is basically how they acted against the two Hawkeyes in the warehouse.

Who is Kaji?

Kazimierz Kazimierczak (played by Fra Fee) is known as the “clown” on the page Marvel Comic. He is a mercenary hitman who came to the United States after a traumatic childhood in Eastern European countries. So far, he has been played as a fairly rational lieutenant in Maya, but I’m interested in seeing if they take him to a darker road.

In the comics, he wears full-fledged pantomime makeup when he goes to work, but it’s probably understandable why Marvel Studios shy away from that image in live action.


When Clint says it Black widow Killed the Ronin, he’s not completely lying, “from a particular point of view,” as the liar Obi-Wan Kenobi might say about this situation. It was Natasha who brought Clint back from the brink during the murder of the Ronin.

Hawkeye Episode 3: MCU Easter Egg and Marvel Comics Reference

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