Haxity Special Event Stream Saturday 9am Pacific Time Today

Today, we’ll be reporting on the cyberpunk-ish card fighter Haxity for three hours on the Dragon Bloggers Twitch channel at 9am Pacific Time / 12pm Eastern Standard Time. Developer Megapop is hosting a special event where everyone on Steam can try the game for free. During this event, you will receive 5 complete copies of the game. The retail price for each copy is $ 12.99.

What is a Haku City Card Game?

Haxity is a cyberpunk-themed action deck builder card game with a focus on PvP. You draft your deck, configure and modify fighters, betray your opponents with the fighters on this showdown card, and try to develop your strategy. Learn from the tutorials and play against AI until you’re ready to slot, hack and run your friends and other live players online!

  • slot Plan your movements and attacks
  • hack Betray the results and your opponent
  • Run Unleash your strategy and your combo

Haxity handles three types of cards in battle: ranged attacks, milly attacks, and skill attacks. A melee attack negates a melee attack, a melee attack negates a skill attack, and a skill attack negates a melee attack. It’s similar to paper and lock scissors, except that there are hacks that allow you to change not only your own cards and slots, but also your opponent’s cards and slots. With fast and slow boosts, you can force one attack to beat the other, and by exchanging attacks before the round begins, you’re always trying to betray your opponent. Play and try to defeat the strategy they think they are playing.

You can use upgrades and combos to maximize your chances of damage, while using heel and armor cards to absorb and reduce damage.

Haxity Game Giveaway and Live Stream

So check out our stream to see if you like the game, download Haxity on Steam and challenge us with the stream. Ask in chat if you want to challenge PVP. We will also distribute 5 copies of Haxity in a 3-hour stream window. All you need to do is activate it in chat. Participate in the chat during the stream and a random winner will be selected from those who participate.

Watch live video of dragonbloggers on Twitch

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Justin Germino

Justin Germino

Justin Germino

Justin Germino

Justin Germino

Haxity Special Event Stream Saturday Today at 9am Pacific Time

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