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Hazelwood’s MSR returns have been sealed as the Queensland-based team is looking at a brand new roster for the 2022 season, according to sources at

Hazelwood to depart Brad Jones RacingIs expected to partner with Jack Le Brock At MSR Holden next year.

Hazelwood has a history of MSR dating back to the first second-tier Super2 series campaign in 2014.

He continued to drive for the team until the end of 2019, helping the MSR win the Super 2 title in 2017 before the team and driver stepped up to the main game together the following year.

MSR has surprisingly noticed that there are no drivers for the next season. Jake Costecki Signed a contract with Tickford When Zain Goddard after that Announced his imminent departure..

Le Brocq was quickly categorized in a straight swap with Kostecki, but many drivers were linked to the Goddard seat before Hazelwood emerged as a clear front runner.

Neither driver has been officially confirmed by MSR, but team boss Matt Stone told the Parked Up podcast earlier this week that he was classifying 2022 drivers.

“Our plans for next year are completely locked and loaded. We’re putting together a release and looking at different ways to do that,” Stone explained.

“Our big focus over the last few years has been to aim for continuity with the Gen3 rollover and make it practical.

“We don’t want new drivers, new crew, new this and that while trying to focus on new cars.

“Now that it has been pushed back to the next season, our next focus is to have continuity for the next two years.

“Basically everything is packaged together for release to the world. The two-year forecast is that it will be locked, loaded and will be released soon.

“I had a plan to release [Tuesday] In the morning, give a puzzle piece about what we are putting together. But since then, we’ve decided to adopt a different strategy for a larger release.

“It will take some time to put it together in order to provide more of the whole puzzle, not just part of the puzzle.”

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Hazelwood that drives MSR Hazelwood that drives MSR

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