HBO’s euphoria: 13 most controversial scenes, ranking

Content Warning: The following article contains discussions about sexuality, drug addiction, homosexual aversion, physical abuse, and self-harm.

Season 1 Euphoria It’s in the book. For a variety of reasons, it has become one of the most talked-about shows in recent memory. The HBO series wasn’t punchy because it portrayed the lives of teenagers suffering from a variety of problems realistically and often graphically.

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Drug addiction, nudity, homosexual aversion, violence, blackmail, abusive relationships, etc. Euphoria.. Almost every episode was followed by a long debate between social media platforms. One of the most common topics was how wild and most controversial the show was.

Updated by Kevin Pantoja on September 10, 2021. Nevertheless Euphoria Season 2 hasn’t had an official premiere yet, and enthusiastic fans have high hopes. They can’t wait to see more of the controversial scenes that make their beloved characters and shows so unique. Two special episodes centered around Lou and Jules were aired to keep viewers bored. Unlike the core show, but like the shocking moments of Season 1, these episodes were full of scenes where viewers kept talking for days.

13 Jules’ description of the relationship between Jules and Lou

Euphoria Jules Special Episode

She is a great character LGBTQ + Community Representative, Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer) is a kind of person whose viewers turned on in the second half of Season 1. She seemed to abandon Lou (Zendaya) and upset the viewer. Thankfully, a special episode centered around her revealed what this relationship meant to her.

Jules loves Lou, but there is a lot of pressure on those feelings. Jules feels that her drinking depends somewhat on it if she isn’t there for Lou. In short, she can have Lou’s life in her hands. Jules’ feelings are understandable given that the rejection of his mother for the same reason led to a recurrence, as revealed in this episode.

12 Almost everything Lou reveals in her special episode

Diner euphoria special rue

Rue’s Special episodes are included more than Jules, I mainly see the protagonist sitting in the cafeteria and talking to NA sponsor Ali (Coleman Domingo). In this deep conversation, almost every important topic is raised from drinking to the Black Lives Matter movement, revealing secrets.

Among them is Lou, who explains that she thinks she won’t last long because the chances of suicide or drug overdose are so high. Lou also inadvertently revealed that she was an unreliable narrator, as it is said that the season 1 scene where she and Jules had matching tattoos did not occur. That means that most of what the audience has come to believe from her can be completely wrong.

11 Ali was a domestic abuser

Euphoria Colman Domingo

Lou was certainly not the only one to reveal something in a fierce conversation in a special episode. Ali said some bitter things Fans will probably never forget, but the biggest was about his history of domestic violence with respect to both his father and himself.

Ali said he hated his father being a violent man against his mother and vowed not to do so. But when he became addicted to drugs, he did the same for his wife. “Drugs change who you are as a person,” he said, not only shining a pretty terrible light on the characters the audience loved, but also showing that he understood where Lou came from.

Ten Young character having sex

Many shows on HBO and premium cable channels feature a wealth of sex scenes and nudity.It turned out to be the case EuphoriaAlthough some members of the audience felt this was a suspicious decision.

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The series is still centered around high school teenagers, so portraying them in a violent sex scene is seen by some as tasteless. Most often, the character is a minor, but there are nude photos and some sex scenes.

9 Cat webcam carrier

Catherine Hernandez (Barbie Ferreira) is a pretty innocent girl who starts the show. But she becomes more indiscriminate and longs to explore her sexuality. It eventually made her more confident in herself, Cat who loves her look, She had a hard time before.

Her sex scene is one thing, but it was her time as a webcam performer that elicited a more controversial reaction. Considering Kat interacting with a grown-up man in a sexual way during these webcam conversations can be offensive to some audiences. It became even clearer when the show portrayed one of these men entertaining himself while talking clearly to Cat.

8 Locker room scene

Nude is a common aspect of premium cable shows. However, this is most often associated with women, as male nudity is less common in the movie and television world.it’s not Euphoria Handled things. Just in the second episode, “Stantin Like My Daddy,” there is a scene that took the viewer to the changing room of a high school soccer team.

The scene was full of 37 penises reported on the screen at one time. Though considered controversial by those who were dissatisfied with the rise in nudity levels, this was an important scene given the consistent topic of homosexual aversion by Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi). ..

7 Jules’ tragic inside story

The show’s trend was that most episodes were opened by elaborating. Specific inside story Euphoria character.. The episode that followed Jules brought the audience back to her childhood and explained how her parents dealt with the way she felt about her body.

It was Jules’ mother who made this flashback so controversial, as it is a topic that has been a hot topic these days. She left the crying Jules alone in a mental hospital because she couldn’t handle the fact that Jules wanted to move. While there, Jules also began to self-harm, and it’s the kind that can be very triggering for many audiences.

6 Toxic relationship between Maddy and Nate

Euphorianate and Maddy are walking hand in hand in the school corridor

At a carnival where almost all the characters gathered for some reason, Nate attacked her girlfriend Madi Perez (Alexa Demie). It was done both in retaliation for the offensive name she called her mother and in frustration when she began to approach his secrets. Nate suffocated Maddy violently in a scene that was difficult to see for many who had experienced such a relationship.

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To make it even more difficult, I saw Maddy constantly defending Nate. She understood how toxic he was and what he did to her, but she didn’t give him up to the cops and instead did everything possible to hide it. It’s too real for too many viewers to see police officers need to physically remove some of her clothes to see the wounds, as she was obsessed with protecting him. It was a target.

Five Innocent man is blackmailed

Poor Tyler (Lukas Gage). In the pilot episode, he looked like a random connection for Maddy to make Nate jealous. However, in the next episode, the viewer noticed that Nate was obsessed with Tyler. He sneaked into Tyler’s apartment and brutally beat him until he was hospitalized.

Nate didn’t leave it alone. He then blackmailed Tyler by blackmailing him, as he was 17 when he was intimate with her, so that he would fall for him in the event of abuse of Maddy. Nate used the same blackmail tactics to get Jules to identify Tyler as the culprit. It was one of the many moments that made Nate the most hated character on the show.

Four Kathy has an abortion

One of the key plot lines towards the season finale, “and salting the planet behind you” Kathy Howard (Sydney Sweeney) Pregnancy.. She had an emotional conversation with her fetal father, Chris McKay (Algee Smith), in a previous episode, and it was clear that he didn’t want her to keep it. The finale spent several scenes cutting down on Kathy and her family dealing with pregnancy.

Kathy went to an abortion clinic and ended her pregnancy. Shows dealing with this awkward topic often cause a lot of controversy.fact Euphoria What made this scene stand out was the more detailed method than in most cases. Cathy listened to the music as the viewer saw the doctor perform some steps and the nurse holding her hand.

3 Jules and Cal’s hookup

The first glimpse of Jules by the viewer was when she was preparing to go out at night. She received the 6-member group and was on her way to meet a mysterious man at the hotel. The man turned out to be Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane). Given the age difference over 20 years between characters and the fact that Jules is a minor, it makes the scene very unpleasant.

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In addition to experience, the show provided a violent and vivid sex scene between the two. The last way Jules was left on the mountain was very difficult to see and was a shocking sight of the pilot episode of the series.

2 Zia finds Lou after overdose

The euphoria of Lou and her sister

Netflix went back to one of the most popular shows and made major changes when editing the graphic suicide scene. 13 reasons It was so controversial that it upset many viewers.Overdose scene Euphoria Not too disturbing, but controversial for similar reasons.

The sight of overdose of Lou is very difficult to sit on. Viewers see her sister Gia (Storm Reid) realize she is unconscious and paramedics are rushing to save her life. They will eventually succeed, but they still feel that a large audience is triggering.

1 One Direction fan fiction

Other than the series like South park, Animation is rarely controversial.However Euphoria We featured a rare animation scene that was a hot topic on Twitter for several days. In the episode “Made You Look,” viewers learned that Kat was very popular online as a fan fiction writer. Her most famous entry revolved around some members of One Direction.

While the story about Cat’s fan fiction was being told, an animated scene was played in which One Direction members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson appeared in a sexual relationship.It offended many One Direction fans online, and as reported by Billboard Even Tom Linson himself dealt with it by saying he didn’t approve it. Some One Direction fans have even gone to the point of boycotting the show.

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