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London, England- The London battle scene heats up at Bellator 281 at Wembley’s SSE Arena. HD Fight Management fighters Whiteford and Chadwick will face their opponents in two divisions on Friday, May 13, 2022.

In the featherweight division, Whiteford meets Wychel in a cage and fights for its victory. Since signing the contract with Bellator MMA, Whiteford has a combat record of 16-4-0. Rob Whiteford said: That said, I feel I’m beating him in every field, [an] Impressive style for fans. “

Chadwick competes with Rozanski in the light heavyweight division. Lee Chadwick, passing by Butcher, is 27-15-1 against Rozansky’s 13-3-0 pro record. “I’m in the top 10 light heavyweights in Bellator’s world. I haven’t overlooked this opponent, but after this fight I only want to fight the guys in front of me. I feel that I have acquired that right. “

This Month’s Tip from MMA Betting Expert Adam Newsome:

Wychel vs. Whiteford:
Daniel Weichel is a Bellator MMA legend with a crazy good record of 41 wins and 13 losses. He is fighting former UFC fighter Rob Whiteford. Rob Whiteford is very balanced and comfortable wherever you go. He’s two years older than Wychel, but he should be a new fighter here. Both fighters have a lot of finishing touches on their records with a combination of knockouts and submissions. However, in the last 10 battles of Wychel, there was only one finish and the other nine came to a decision. In Whiteford’s final 10 battles (except without a contest), he made six decisions. Recent statistics on their latest battles show fighters that either fighter is likely to go longer than the opponent ends. Here, 2.5 rounds or more can be the betting angle. Or, if you want to bet, take the weak at Robert Whiteford.

Chadwick vs Rozansky:
Richadwick has looked like a completely different fighter since he was promoted to light heavyweight. Not only is he physically very visibly big, but his style and his games are suitable for fighting heavier men. Chadwick is a solid BJJ player with very good wrestling. Once he reaches the top position, it is very difficult to move him or escape from under him. However, Chadwick has a very gentle and technically striking style at his feet, and his hands are powerful when he throws a punch with a devastating intention. Opponent Rozanski faces a major step up not only in the competition, but also in the biggest stage competition ever. Rozanski has won nine submissions from 13 professional victories, but this is not the first time Chadwick has faced such an opponent. He fought, defeated, and completed him by submitting one of Bellator’s next talents, Ederson Macedo. Ederson Macedo has won a total of 10 to 8 submissions. Chadwick rallyed as an underdog in the last time-out, and he’s also an underdog here. If you want to bet on this battle, that’s the value of the betting line.

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Hd Fighter Management: Match of the Month; Notable Fighters at MMA Arena Hd Fighter Management: Match of the Month; Notable Fighters at MMA Arena

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