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A miserable 911 call to the former Ultimate Fighting Championship Warrior Luis Peña It has been released.

Hours before TMZ broke the news that there was a pena first
Let go of the UFC
Following the second arrest for domestic violence, TMZ also
Make a voice of 911 call
By Pena’s girlfriend.

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With arrest records and proper affidavits, Pena witnessed her girlfriend hit with her closed fist many times, even when she fell to the ground. According to the affidavit, she injured her wrist and bite her knee. Pena is said to have hit her when another woman tried to intervene. After the incident, both women made an oath statement.

On a 911 phone call, Pena’s girlfriend identified Pena as a UFC fighter and claimed he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. She went on to say she had suffocated a fighter the night before, detailing what happened that night.

“Well, I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but my boyfriend wants to be a hole, so he has to put his hand on me and he has to go,” Pena’s girlfriend said. Told to.

She continued. “Well, he hit me on the face, but he did this two days ago, I have a mark, I have a band-aid on my back, I prove it I have everything. So I want the police to come and take me to the police. So I can get my stuff and go home. “

The night before, police were called in and arrived at the scene, but did not arrest him.

“They were angry because I didn’t cooperate. I didn’t want to shoot him, but unfortunately I have to do it now. So … I want them to come back. It is. “

When asked when the most recent incident happened, she asked the police officer that it was only recently and that she wanted Pena to be taken away.

“Probably an hour ago,” she said when asked about the up-to-dateness of the quarrel. “We have a non-contact order, so technically we shouldn’t live together. I really need a cop to come here and take him out, because I’m from him now Because I have scratches and bruises everywhere. I need him to be gone. Done. I need help. Please. “

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“He hit me in the face” “He hit me in the face”

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