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Pedro Munhos still believes Dominick Cruz is competing at a high level.

In UFC 269 Prelim, Cruz Set to return to the Octagon Play against Munoz in a very interesting match. Before the fight, many wondered what Cruz still had to give when he returned to the sport after losing to Henry Cejudo in TKO in May 2020. He wouldn’t fight again until he defeated Casey Kenney in a split decision in March of this year, but for Munoz he knows Cruz is still an elite fighter.

“I don’t think (he stepped back). When many came back to fight TJ Dillashaw for five rounds after he had knee surgery, I actually did that fight. I saw him live in Boston, and he said he wasn’t kidding. Media Day.. “The guy is always training and always getting better. We don’t underestimate him because we’re the same age. I don’t underestimate his enemies. That’s what I come to every fight. I know he will be the best version of himself, and I will. “

Entering the battle, Pedro Munhos suffered a decisive defeat to Jose Aldo, who recently also fought Frankie Edgar. For Brazilians facing Dominick Cruz, he is happy to be able to fight such a legend.

“That’s what I’ve always imagined, competing with the best fighters out there,” Munoz explained. “I’m very happy to be able to do what I want to do the most. It’s been fighting in the top 10 in the last five years. In itself, it’s a competitive, high-level skill fighter we have in the bantamweight division. Shows something like.

“It’s a great honor for me to be part of these fighters. Now that I’ve been fighting the 5th place former champion in the last 6 battles, it definitely excites me very much. I want to keep climbing the ladder, learning with new skills, and working as hard and smart as possible so that I can compete in the world’s largest organization. “

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“He will be his best version” “He will be his best version”

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