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In Victoria, Australia, there is a real turmoil between tennis players and citizens. A few hours earlier, two people were confirmed infected with the Covid-19 virus on a direct flight from Los Angeles, USA. , To Melbourne, Australia.

This means that all players on the plane must stay in the cell for 14 days in the hotel room and cannot run the training program. Unfortunately, the same thing happened on another plane. It’s an EY8004 direct flight from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne where a positive person was found in Australia.

Again, 64 passengers (including 23 players on the WTA Tour) will be treated the same and will have to spend two weeks in quarantine without being able to move. As reported on the Australian website The Age, it is difficult to avoid the impression that a tennis player is stuck abroad and comes here at the expense of an Australian exposed to a pandemic.

It’s also strange that Victoria was able to find a place for a tennis star, as her resident is stuck in New South Wales and Queensland due to its severe border closure. Health Minister Martin Foley said he understands the frustration of Victorians stuck in Sydney and Brisbane. These are still considered red zones by the state government, but did not want to risk another outbreak in Victoria...

He states: “I apologize for the confusion caused by this, but I do not apologize for the principle of keeping Victoria safe and keeping Victoria open. I am still stuck in NSW under current restrictions. I will.

Victoria reopened in New South Wales on Monday, but Greater Sydney is still in the Red Zone, from which people can only travel exempt. ”

Australian Open: Health Minister for Tennis Australia

Players from all over the world are gathering for the Australian Open 2021. This Grand Slam event, like all recent events, will be overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to quarantine restrictions, the start of the tournament has already been postponed to February 8th and many are wondering if it should be cancelled. Madison Keys has already retired after a positive virus test, and former number one Andy Murray has serious suspicions after the diagnosis.

Given the surge in infection rates in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, it is almost certain that other countries will be positive after they arrive here. Tennis Australia and the Victoria State Government responded by announcing what they say is a quarantine system for watertight hotels.

A group of elite players will stint for two weeks at a special facility in Adelaide, with the rest housed in three Melbourne hotels. Supervised by a staff of 1,700, they can only go out to practice five hours a day on the courts in Melbourne Park.

Careful planning and vigilance will be required in the coming weeks. Tennis Australia needs to ensure that spectators and staff (ball boys, referees, hospitality operators) are protected from COVID. Hotel quarantine sites have long been well below demand and the risks posed by new virus strains are high, so the queue will be long after the government decided last week to reduce the weekly limit of arrival.

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Health Minister for Tennis Australia Health Minister for Tennis Australia

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