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Healthy sleepers have a much lower risk of heart failure

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In a new study, researchers find that people with the healthiest sleep patterns have a 42% lower risk of heart failure, regardless of other risk factors, compared to adults with unhealthy sleep patterns. bottom.

Healthy sleep patterns include waking up in the morning, sleeping 7-8 hours a day, and not having insomnia, snoring, or excessive daytime sleepiness.

Heart failure affects more than 26 million people, and new evidence suggests that sleep disorders may be involved in its development.

In this study, researchers investigated the association between healthy sleep patterns and heart failure and included data on 408,802 UK Biobank participants between the ages of 37 and 73.

They recorded 5,221 cases of heart failure during a median follow-up of 10 years.

The team analyzed sleep quality and overall sleep patterns.

Sleep quality measurements include sleep time, insomnia, snoring, and sleep, such as early rising or late night, and daytime sleepiness (which is likely to cause you to fall asleep or fall asleep unintentionally). It contained other features related to. Daytime).

Researchers used touchscreen questionnaires to collect sleep behaviors. They defined sleep time in three groups: short, or less than 7 hours a day. Recommended, or 7-8 hours a day. Long term, or 9 hours or more a day.

They found that participants with the healthiest sleep patterns had a 42% reduction in their risk of heart failure compared to people with unhealthy sleep patterns.

They also found that the risk of heart failure was independently associated and was 8% lower in early rising. It is 12% lower for those who sleep 7-8 hours daily. It is 17% lower in people who do not have frequent insomnia. It is 34% lower for those who report no daytime sleepiness.

These findings underscore the importance of improving overall sleep patterns to help prevent heart failure.

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The study is published in the journal circulation.. One of the authors of this study is LuQi.

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Healthy sleepers have a much lower risk of heart failure Healthy sleepers have a much lower risk of heart failure

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