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After the big of Blizzard Hearthstone (Free) Fall Reveal, Introducing New Extensions, Hearthstone Duel, New Progression System, Patch 18.6, Hearthstone Patch 18.6 has arrived with support for upcoming modes, battleground party tweaks, and balance changes. today, Hearthstone Update 19.0 is available on all platforms and supports madness with the Darkmoon Faire extension, an improved progress system, and more. Duel Season 1 begins on November 17th and Duel Early Access will reach everyone at 19.0. Silas Darkmoon is a new battleground hero in today’s update. Check the progress system in the image below.

Hearthstone The 19.0 Progression System adds achievements that track in-game activity and achievements. Some reward tracks have all the rewards available from ranked play. Quests have been improved to support daily and weekly quests. Players also have an updated profile page. Here is a screenshot of this system. The Izakaya Pass is also available for $ 19.99, with rewards such as the Golden Cyrus Dark Moon Legendary Minion, a 10% XP boost that lasts for the duration of the Izakaya Pass expansion, and various bonuses such as the first cosmetic coin and other skins. ..What do you think Hearthstone Updates and new content, and are you still playing Hearthstone Regularly?

‘Hearthstone’ 19.0 Patch Out Now with New Progression System, Battlegrounds Updates, Improvements, Support for the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Expansion, and More

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