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The 2020-21 season is less than two weeks old, but nothing beats the first handful of games as an indicator of what fans can expect from the team in the new season.

We categorized early returns from all players until the end of Wednesday night’s action, highlighting players beyond 2019-20 production and splitting them into 30 team-specific tables. You can access any squad in the league on the grid below.

Beyond this team-by-team grid, a quick breakdown of the process used to highlight the surprises of the early season and some of the league-wide players who made the greatest progress so far in 2020-21. I will look at it. ..

Breakdown by team

2020-21 Early Riser

Darius Garland (CLE) – Security guards in the second year since Vanderbild continue to release hit songs. Garland thrived in its second year after a relatively quiet rookie campaign, the first full season after a serious injury that ended halfway through college. Garland averaged 12 and 4 in 2019-20, pushing these numbers up to 19 and 7. This season is far away.

Christian wood (HOU) – If Wood was surprised to open a clinic in the first three games with the Houston Rockets, he didn’t pay much attention to the end of the 2019-20 campaign. Wood, with an average of 27 and 8, showing a similarly dominant preseason, has long been the king of production when given the opportunity. He had the opportunity in Detroit for several months, but the situation wasn’t as permanent as he currently has a three-year, $ 40 million contract.

Michael Porter Jr. (DEN) – Porter Jr. flashed what he could do during his first year at the Nuggets and then took the game to a new level in the bubble. So it’s not entirely groundbreaking that the 22-year-old has already shown 20 and 7 production capacities in the second year. The important thing to see MPJ develop in front of you as a legitimate title candidate is how mesh with or without the bold dominant guard Jamal Murray.

Nikola Jokić (DEN) – If Jokić’s Wilt Chamberlain-style turn at the beginning of 2020-21 isn’t one of the key stories of the new season, I don’t know what it is.Throughout the first four games of the season, Jokić put up with it Support Numbers 12, 18, 10 and 14. He’s just playing around with the team right now. Still, his 25th, 12th, and 14th stats are crazy, but he knows he wants a team of at least .500.

Jerami Grant (DET) – The Denver Nuggets were ready to spend a fortune to maintain the versatile wing Jerami Grant this offseason, but offered him a similar role in 2020-21. I didn’t choose when it became clear that I couldn’t. Its role is clearly as an elite level scorer. Grant, which had a high benchmark of points per game before this season at 13.6, averaged nearly 23 points per game through four early contests. This includes 9 points to indicate that you dragged the whole down.

Victor Oladipo (IND) -Sure, Oladipo didn’t write it down after suffering two seasons of injuries beyond his control? It must have been someone else. Oladipo looks strong on the familiar 21, 5, and 5 stat lines in 2020-21 and is ready to silence denialists who have forgotten how much impact player they can be in perfect health. I will.

CJ McCollum (POR) – Given the striking chemistry formed with backcoat companion Damian Lillard over the last five years, it may not be possible to fully understand what McCallum can do at full throttle. But he has done a great job of pushing up the ceiling so far in 2020-21. The 29-year-old may not hit 28 and 6 during the full season, but if he needs it, he doesn’t think he can’t do it for a second.

Julius Randle (NYK) – No stranger to the strangely dominant stats, Randall has taken his game to new heights in New York. Big Man has been a Knicks distributor this season, boasting 25, 11 and 8 stat lines for the New Year.

Josh Jackson (DET) – After a humble year in Memphis, Jackson returned to his home state of Michigan. At the age of 23, he had a great opportunity with the Pistons and made the most of it on the 17 and 6 stat lines from the gate.

Darius Buzzley (OKC) – The less secret sleeper has responded to hype throughout the first few games of the regular season. Thunder obviously has a valuable young building block in 20-year-old Buzzley.The· Former Under Armor intern He has raised 10 and 9 so far this season and can’t wait to see what else he has.

Jaylen Brown (BOS) – Brown’s slow burning development is key to the consistent threat posed by the Celtics at the Eastern Conference, suggesting that his early return is not over yet. If Brown could continue to raise 28 points per game throughout the season, what would that mean for the Boston title hope?

Dejounte Murray (SAS) – Murray was another player you should know and was in the store for a bigger year. Still, it’s always great to see a glimpse of these possibilities leading to more consistent success. Rebound guards averaged 19, 8 and 7 in his fourth season and will be a major part of the future Spurs.

Luguentz Dort (OKC) – Well, if Dort could fill out an attack stats sheet, what would that mean for this young, wealthy Thunder team? The 21-year-old Bruiser, who is primarily known for his defensive end presence, has averaged 19 and 4 this season so far. If he keeps doing that, OKC looks pretty scary in the short and long term.

How to use

Understand that there is no consensus way to quantify the contribution Hooper makes to the table every night, and compare the 2020-21 production of each NBA player with the 2019-20 numbers, not to mention the intangible impact on victory. I measured it.

The results reveal early trends that can be an important part of each team’s story throughout the season. Some players have been successful in their summer jobs, while others are filling their box scores simply because they have landed in a better situation.

In other scenarios, you may see unbearable statistical anomalies in the process of larger sample sizes. If you find something that stands out, please contact us on Twitter.

Anyway, seeing which players are showing signs of a leap in 2020-21 is something that enthusiasts, fantasy basketball players, and casual viewers can value as well.

The team table lists players in order of productivity, and the corresponding emojis indicate whether they are above or below the 2019-20 number.

It also shows each player’s points per game, rebounds per game, and assists per game. Keep in mind that the overall calculation used for player influence includes not only these basic stats, but also the rate of fire and basic defense stats.

In addition, you can click on each player’s URL to see a more general breakdown of the player’s early 2020-21 stats line and its game log.


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Heat Check 2020-21: Players prospering across the gate Heat Check 2020-21: Players prospering across the gate

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