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Published and developed by Game baker, Haven I’ve been on our radar for quite some time. Featuring Koyorin art, HavenThe aesthetics are really gorgeous and very visually pleasing.What exactly is Haven But is it a game worth playing?

Haven A story-driven adventure role-playing game. Players play either Kay or You on a mysterious planet known as the Source. In the source, players need to search for food, repel deadly creatures, and try to repair the ship. Kay and Yu are related to each other, and the game focuses on this when telling a story.

The story begins with Kay and Yu having to collect food in the event of a disaster during their expedition. An earthquake will drive their moored ships off the hills, causing great damage when they hit lowlands. Players need to explore the source, discover its secrets, and eventually repair the ship.

HavenGameplay blends nicely with the story. Players glide over small floating islands of planetary sources. Each of these islets has what is called a “flow”, from which it flows freely. Kay and You act as a power source for anti-gravity boots, so you can use the flow to hover and glide. Tracing the flow trails while gliding is very satisfying as a core gameplay mechanic, but it can be a bit difficult to control the camera.

As you explore the island, you will eventually encounter substances like “rust” that effectively choke the grass and pollute your living environment. HavenThe story tells the story of the battle at this point, where Kay and Yu have to fight rust-contaminated creatures.

Combat in Haven It’s very easy. Press and hold a specific button or key to attack with either Kay or Yu. Kay and Yu can also combine attacks to perform a “duo” attack. This will do more damage than you need to defeat more powerful enemies. Combat is relatively simple and will not be too difficult later in the game. Haven First and foremost, it’s a game that focuses on telling a story, and it works.

While exploring the various islands that make up the source, Kay and Yu must return to a damaged ship or “nest,” as they know. In Nest, players explore each other’s relationships in a visual novel-like scene between Kay and Yu while cooking, cleaning, sleeping, and chatting. These visual novel scenes can also occur on islands, but much of the major plot development dealing with interrelationships takes place in nests.

Players can choose different responses during several visual novel scenes. This allows you to build relationship meters to unlock further responses and other interactions later. Cooking a variety of dishes also leads to new conversations, and the credibility of the relationship between Kay and Yu is wonderful. These are two likable characters that have so much character development and backstory to share with players.

Where Haven But the stumbling block is that the text is inconsistent. Some scenes are very cleverly crafted and the conversation between Kay and Yu is amazing. But others feel a little metaphorical and strange. Thankfully, most of the game stories and folklore explored in the visual novel scene are interesting and come back many times.

Another notable obstacle is the actual exploration and combat gameplay of the game. The islands all feel very similar, and fighting enemies turns into a nasty obstacle that keeps you away from the story the game has to offer. Players also lack radar and maps early in the game and can easily get lost when exploring the island. This can be annoying to some gamers early in the game.

Graphically, Haven It’s a beautiful game. The art style and overall aesthetics are very visually pleasing and reminiscent of watercolors. The character design of Kay and Yu is great, and the visual effects in combat are very flashy, especially when performing “duo” attacks.

Soundtrack Haven The compatibility with the famous musician DANGER who contributed to the OST is outstanding. The voice actors are also perfect, and both Kay and Yu sound real in the conversation. Janine Harouni and Chris Lew Kum Hoi perform great as Yu and Kay, respectively.

Overall, Haven Is a fun story-driven adventure that follows the story of a romantic relationship couple who endangered everything for freedom. The game has many fun aspects that will entertain you. For the emotional type, there are many heartfelt moments here. Combat and real gameplay can be a little boring, but storytelling is intertwined with the game in a fun way that you can enjoy for over 10 hours.Recommended to give Haven try it.

Haven Available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5

This review is based on the PC version of the game available here for £ 19.49.

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Haven Review

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