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Earlier this year Hector Lombard Faced Tyron Woodley Later at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship event Post a conflict on his Instagram feed Explain how the beef between the two started.

Lombard is now ready to finish it in the ring.

“I was always interested in fighting the fake,” Lombard told MMA Junkie. “I told you a long time ago, he’s a fake. He tried to pick up another girl-not only mine, but also the moving girl, he tried to pick her up. It’s as if he feels he deserves everything and listen, it’s not about girls, because when I post, everyone thinks I have feelings for girls. No, I have an emotion in this clown’s behavior that you think is your friend. You think he can be your companion, and here he gets a girl I’m trying.

“As you know, he likes the smell of others. I won’t say any more. But I want smoke.”

Lombard and Woodley occasionally cross-passed on the training mats of the American Top Team. However, Lombard said ATT co-founder Ricardo Riblio was forced to intervene in a sparring session, limiting the amount of time he spent with him and not necessarily fruitful.

“Surprisingly, I remember he hit me very hard,” Lombard said. “Then I went and dropped him, and Rivorio took me out of sparring, and he never wanted to sparring with me again, and that was it, as you know. , We have never actually trained. We did not help each other. “

Lombard said he lobbyed while the two were still on the UFC’s roster, directly asking both President Dana White and then CEO Lorenzo Fetita to book the match.

“I also went and begged Dana White first. Then I went directly and asked Lorenzo to fight. Lorenzo said,” Oh, let’s see what happens. ” “Lombard said. “But I went to Lorenzo to beg.” Lorenzo, let me fight! “

It didn’t happen under the UFC flag, but Lombard now wants to put the clash together.

Lombard, an active BKFC cruiserweight champion, said his contract was limited to promoting Bare Knuckle games. But if the organization wants his service for traditional boxing matches, mixed-rule events like triad combat, or MMA fights, especially if that means a shot at Woodley, he Is ready to sign the dotted line.

“I think we need to keep the fight out of the way, and I’m not going to let it go until I get the fight,” Lombard said. “His punk ass needs to be beaten by me, and I’ll be a happy guy.”

Check out the video below to see a full interview with Lombard.

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Hector Lombard updates call to fight “fake f * ck” Tyron Woodley Hector Lombard updates call to fight “fake f * ck” Tyron Woodley

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