Hell Frozen: Xbox Sold PlayStation in Japan Last Week

Greater than PS5 – at least a week (Photo: Microsoft)

Thanks to changes in inventory status The Xbox Series S outperformed the PS5 in Japan, but both lag far behind the Nintendo Switch.

In the last few years, much of the certainty that existed in the video gaming industry has been destroyed, but one thing you can trust is that the Xbox will never sell in Japan.

The Xbox console has never proved popular in Japan, but it’s still far behind the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, but the Xbox Series X / S is proportionally much better so far. ..

These days, with about 3,000 sales per week, Switch sells over 50,000 (and often more), and PlayStation 5 sells about 10,000. At least if it’s in stock, it’s for sale, but last week it certainly wasn’t.

You can see the complete list of hardware sales below (unlike other countries, Japan always releases detailed weekly sales information). As always, Switch was the largest seller of 65,322 consoles.

Second place was the Xbox Series X / S, with the Series S selling 6,120 consoles and the Xbox Series X with just 105. The Series X had apparently its own inventory problems since the week before selling 3,508 consoles.

Hardware Sales in Japan 2022: May 9th-May 15th

Nintendo Switch OLED Model – 35,868
Nintendo Switch – 20,443
Nintendo Switch Lite – 9,011
Xbox Series S-6,120
PlayStation 5 – 2,240
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 453
New 2DSXL – 235
Xbox Series X–105
PlayStation 4-22

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By comparison, the PlayStation 5 sold only 2,693 consoles. This indicates a shortage of inventory, not a shortage of demand, since we sold 49,798 consoles last week.

Sony has been criticized for abandoning this generation’s Japanese market not only for not prioritizing inventory, but also for closing Sony’s in-house development studio and not releasing Japanese games other than Gran Turismo 7. ..

Microsoft hasn’t filled that gap exactly, but it’s now much easier to get the Xbox Series S than the PlayStation 5, and it’s the Xbox brand at local vtubers and other retailers that Sony almost ignores. I’m advertising.

This isn’t the first time the Xbox has surpassed the PlayStation in Japan, but it hasn’t happened less than 10 times before. This is the latest pre-launch version of Xbox One.

Overall, only 2.3 million Xbox consoles have been sold in 20 years, almost half of which was for the Xbox 360. It’s still unclear if the Xbox Series X / S can exceed a lifetime total of 1,616,128, but it’s clearly a competitor. PlayStation with Sony’s own home turf.

Even Bill Gates couldn't sell the Xbox in Japan

It’s better than being late (Photo: Microsoft)

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Hell has frozen over: Xbox outsold PlayStation in Japan last week

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